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If you are leaving your home and will no longer be a Family Mosaic tenant, please follow some simple steps and we’ll give you up to £400.

Please note though: you have to make sure you have paid all your rent before moving out. If you don’t, we will chase up any arrears.

You will also need to complete any repairs that are your responsibility, or we may charge you for carrying out these works.

Call us on 0300 123 3456 to tell us that you’re thinking of moving out.

You can find out more information about the money you could be earning in our complete guide to moving out here.

If you are dealing with the tenancy of a Family Mosaic tenant who has died, please read the Information for Executors section and follow the advice provided. We are unable to make any Moving Out Moving On payment to an Executor in such circumstances.

Step 1

Tell us about it, let us inspect your home and return your keys on time.

If you’re going to be moving out, then you’ll need to complete a notice to vacate form. Return this to your Neighbourhood Manager at least 28 days before you’re due to leave.

You must then allow a Family Mosaic employee or contractor access to your home so we can inspect it.

And you must return your keys on time: your tenancy will end on a Sunday, and all keys (including garage keys) must be returned to us by 12.00 (midday) the following day (Monday), or you’ll be charged another week’s rent.

Step 2

Please leave your home and garden clean and tidy. Simple as that.

By clean and tidy, we mean:

  • the kitchen floor, sink, units and work tops are clean
  • the bath, wash basin, toilet and bathroom floor have been cleaned
  • all rooms and any garden must be clean and clear of rubbish, waste and unwanted items
  • flooring in poor condition needs to be removed

If you don’t leave your home and garden clean and tidy, we will charge you for cleaning costs.

If you leave any rubbish or items behind in your property, you will be charged for the removal and disposal of this rubbish. Please see our Recharges leaflet for more information.

Step 3

Inform your gas and electricity suppliers. And leave your meter cards or keys in your kitchen drawer.

On your notice to vacate form, please tell us who your gas and electricity suppliers are.

If you use a payment meter, leave the gas or electricity key or card in your kitchen drawer.

If you pay by bill, you’ll need to let your suppliers know and to take a final meter reading.

We won’t forward your mail. The Royal Mail can, however, set this up for you for a fee.

Remember, if you’re claiming benefits, then contact your housing benefit office to let them know the last date of your notice period and your forwarding address.

If you have to move out

Sometimes, we might ask you to move out to carry out major repairs or modernise your home. If this happens, we will always tell you in advance and explain what we’re doing.

You will be entitled to a disturbance payment, as well as costs for directing mail, disconnecting the cooker and other appliances, and for alterations to carpets and curtains.

If your move is temporary, you will receive payment for moves to and from your temporary home.

If the move is permanent, you will qualify for a home loss payment, to compensate you for having to give up your home. The amount you will be paid is worked out following rules set by law.

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing