Monitoring and managing anti-social behaviour cases is a challenge for many of our staff. Currently, we use CCTV at many of our sites to monitor any potential anti-social behaviour such as vandalism or fly tipping.

We have recently decided to trial a new leading cloud-based CCTV system at two of our sites where we have recurring ASB issues: Biggs Square and Quill Street.

The video below provides an introduction to Cloudview.

What’s different about Cloudview?

  • Accessible from anywhere
    A unique feature of Cloudview is that it enables existing analogue or digital CCTV cameras to transmit data securely to the cloud. Once stored, it can be viewed by authorised users from any location using their smartphone, tablet or PC, or downloaded to provide evidence to the police if required. This means that there is no longer a need for local or network video recorders.
  • Accurate evidence
    All footage is of evidence quality and is accurately stamped with date and time.
  • Time saving
    It is also easier to find the footage that we need as the system only records when there is movement.
  • Immediate retrieval
    Video footage can be immediately downloaded and sent to the police.
  • Improved safety for staff
    Staff are no longer exposed to the risk of returning to sites where ASB has occurred and possibly risking their own safety if offenders are still in the area.
  • Reliable equipment
    An automatic alert is sent if there is a problem with a camera so staff will no longer need to visit a site only to discover that a camera is not working. This should mean that cameras will be out of service a lot less.

There is still work for us to do to reduce anti-social behaviour on these sites, but the Cloudview system is facilitating this process and making the monitoring and evidence gathering process much easier.