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Making the most of your Computer

When: Friday 29th Jul 2016, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Where: Pembroke House, Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, Essex, SS13 3DU

Making the most of your computer
This one day course is a follow on from basic ICT we will be covering the following topics
You will learn:
* How to search effectively and safely on line
* How best to protect your details on line
* Using the internet to its best
* Creating & managing files and folders

Mental Health Awareness - Certificate

When: Friday 29th Jul 2016, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Where: Albion House 20 Queen Elizabeth Street SE1 2RJ

NEW! Mental Health Awareness - Certificate on 29th July 2016

This course will cover:

• Definition of mental illness and mental health
• Identify the most common mental health diagnosis
• Risk factors that may contribute to the development of mental health problem
• Recovery processes for those experiencing mental illness
• Explore and challenge some of the stereotypes and stigma associated with mental illness
• Ways of looking after your own mental wellbeing

Introduction to Project Management

When: Monday 1st Aug 2016, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Where: Albion House 20 Queen Elizabeth Street SE1 2RJ

Intro to Project Management on 1st August 2016

This course will cover:

• Why is project management important?
• Five key project management stages
• Project leadership competencies
• Overview planning, contingency planning and estimating time accuracy
• Completion and review of projects

Day 3 Over 50's Job Search

When: Tuesday 2nd Aug 2016, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Where: Albion House 20 Queen Elizabeth Street SE1 2RJ

Day 3 Over 50’s Job search on 2nd August 2016

This 3 day course will cover:

• Identifying your skills: functional; personal and knowledge based
• Ways of finding work, inducing the “hidden” job market, and work trials
• Support available from your Job Centre Plus Disability Employment Advisor (“permitted” work
and ‘Access to Work’ funding)
• Working Tax Credits and Better Off Calculations
• Self-employment including support from Job Centre Plus (New Enterprise Allowance)
• Work placements, volunteering and job clubs

Youth Boot Camp

When: Tuesday 2nd Aug 2016, 10:00am - 4:00pm
Where: 220 Arlington Road, Camden, London NW1 7HE

This is a holistic and innovative programme that inspires transformational change by tackling areas such as Self Confidence, Self Presentation, Interpersonal and Communication skills and offers one to one peak performance coaching to effectively target your personal developmental needs.

If you are looking for work or apprenticeships we can fast track you onto our employment programme and prepare you for specific opportunities. 60% of the youth who attend our boot camps secure employment.

Modules include:

• Nutrition
• Fitness
• Managing finances
• Self-confidence & Self Presentation
• Employability skills including
• Mock Interviews/CVs/Application forms

We use trainers of the highest calibre to deliver this programme to ensure you have the best possible experience and result!

The Art of letting Go - Well Being Workshop

When: Wednesday 3rd Aug 2016, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Where: Pembroke House, Northlands Pavement, Pitsea, Essex, SS13 3DU

The art of letting go – wellbeing workshops

This one day workshop will teach you that your wellbeing is important and today we will explore stress, personal care and relaxation, it will provide you with tools and techniques to put into your everyday routine
You will learn:
* To understand the art of letting go
* Have a 30 day mindfulness challenge to complete
* Recognize the causes of stress
* Be able to control and alleviate stress
* Make choices with regards to living healthy
* Demonstrate a relaxation and breathing technique that de stresses and calms you

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How can I become a tenant?

Many people contact us directly to find out if they can become a tenant: please note, we don’t take any applications directly.

To become a Family Mosaic tenant, you’ll first need to contact your local council and ask to be placed on their housing list.

Waiting lists are long especially in London but your local council will be able to advise you.

How do I pay my rent?

It’s easy to pay your rent: you can pay it online, or set up a direct debit. Or by using your mobile, a swipe card, by phone or by SMS.

Remember, your rent is due in advance. If you’re having money problems, talk to us, or read the latest money saving advice from our resident adviser. If you don’t pay your rent, you could lose your home. Find out more >

How do I contact my Neighbourhood Manager?

Your first point of contact will be with our Customer Care Line on 0300 123 3456. Most of the time the person you first speak to will be able to help you and answer your queries. If they can’t they will put you in touch or arrange an appointment with someone who can.

Have you been affected by welfare & benefit changes?

You can find out more about the latest changes in welfare and benefits and how they may affect you in our Money Advice section.

What do I do about anti-social behaviour?

We take anti-social behaviour seriously. Our brochure provides information about what we consider ASB and what you can do to try and resolve the problem. If you are still unable to resolve this yourself, contact our Customer Care Line on 0300 123 3456, they will give advice about how to deal with the problem. Alternatively, you can report it using our online form.

How do I make a complaint?

If you want to report a problem and let us try to deal with it quickly and informally, please phone our Customer Care Team first on 0300 123 3456 to discuss the problem. To make a formal complaint please follow our complaints procedure.

Can I change the terms of my lease?

You can vary any terms of your lease by agreement with us. In addition, you have the right to appeal to a leasehold valuation tribunal on specific grounds, so that you can vary your lease. Find out more

Can I put up a satellite dish?

We do not allow individual satellite dishes to be put up on blocks of flats, because this often breaches planning conditions, can be unsightly and can cause damage to the building. Newer developments often have a communal dish provided, or a service provider will normally be prepared to erect a communal system if a number of leaseholders want this. If you do put up a satellite dish, you will be charged for the costs of our removing it.

How do I comment on the cleaning of communal areas?

Call us on 0300 123 2209 - or speak with the contractor directly.

How can I become involved in the management of my home?

We encourage you to set up a Residents Association within your scheme, or join an existing association. We’ve also set up a leasehold forum, so you can feedback your comments to us directly. Call us on 0300 123 2209 for further information.

How can I find out about what’s happening on my estate or scheme?

Our neighbourhood managers put all the latest information up onto your communal notice board. We’re also piloting a scheme where they can post latest updates to this web site.

How can I buy more shares in my home?

Buying more shares in your home is called staircasing: after you’ve bought your initial share, you can then buy further shares called tranches. The minimum tranche you can buy is 10%. You can usually buy up to 100% of your home. Find out more

Can I leave my bicycle or pushchair on communal landings?

The short answer is no: communal hallways and landings have to be kept clear at all times because they are a means of escape in case of fire. If anything is left in the hallway, we will ask you to remove it: if you don’t, then we will dispose of it and may incur costs as a result.

Can you provide me with a copy of my lease?

Your solicitor should provide you with a copy of your lease when you complete the purchase of your property. If you’ve lost this, or did not originally receive one, we can help you with a replacement. There will be a fixed fee for this service.

How do I refer someone for floating support?

Please visit our dedicated care and support website to find Floating Support services in London, Essex and the South East.

How do I find sheltered accommodation?

You’ll need to contact your local council first, and ask about how you can apply to be on their housing register. You can always speak with your local support office for more information or advice.

Am I eligible for care in my home?

We have care services in London, Hampshire, Essex and East Sussex. You can either refer yourself, or be referred to us via social services. It will depend on your circumstances. Contact your local office to find out more.

Do I have to pay for your services?

This will depend on your circumstances. We can support you whether you are in receipt of welfare benefits, or not. Contact one of our local offices about how we can support you.

I have a relative with learning disabilities: can you support them?

We have various specialist services for people with learning disabilities. Check what’s available at your local office.

Can you adapt my home?

Our Home Improvement Agencies in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent offer a range of different support to help you adapt your home. Find out more on our dedicated Home Improvement Agencies website.