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It’s very important to us that we provide you with a great customer experience.

We encourage all our team members to demonstrate our values: ambitious, caring, collaborative, empowering and trusted. We also aim to communicate with you in a way that is human and kind.

Peabody and Family Mosaic have merged. We now have 111,000 residents in 55,000 homes; 8,000 care and support customers; and over 3,000 employees.

If you’ve been impressed by a member of our team, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Recent nominations by our customers

  • Nicola Slattery Smith

    Nicola has been a tremendous help to myself and my parents. She has helped my parents feel less vulnerable and safer around the home. She set up telecare, blue badge, setting up stair rails, smoke alarms and attendance allowance. Nicola excels in professionalism and acts with integrity on all […]

  • Michael Scullion

    My friend was receiving support from Michael explaining everything which was helpful as this doesn't always happen. He also really helpful information of all the organisations that could be helpful, this would relieve some of the pressure from myself.Nominated By: Shirley Thomas […]

  • Steven Sparks

    I want to nominate Steven Sparks for a WOW Award because he went above and beyond helping one of my customers who was having financial challenges having just lost her job and having no friends or family able to support her. I had called her regarding her rent arrears and Steven was sitting next to […]

  • Nicola Slattery Smith

    Nicola came to see me when I was at a very low ebb. She was kind, considerate, helpful and treated me like a human being, I was not just another client I was someone special. Shes knowledgeable up to date and helpful. Family Mosaic need to hang on to her.Nominated By: D Boyc […]

  • Patricia Lewis

    I spoke with Patricia earlier today about an business start up scheme we used to offer as a resident who had previously attended now felt in a position to progress with her business idea. Patricia advised FM no longer off this course but she immediately asked for the residents details so she could […]

  • Sophie Portway

    Sophie has been really helpful, sorting out the issues I had with people asking for parking, the rents are confusing at times to me and Sophie has helped me making my job so much easier.Nominated By: Jacqueline Trez […]

  • Wendy Ellis

    Following a Care & Support Customer Survey, customer Krissy W was asked what she likes best about the support she receives from Family Mosaic, Krissy stated, "Face to face support, helping with everything, ask for assistance for one thing, she deals with everything, emotional support, able to […]

  • Wendy Ellis

    Following a Care & Support Customer Survey, Customer David G was asked what he likes best about the support he receives from Family Mosaic. David stated, "Wendy has been extremely helpful, she constantly worries about my health and has gone above and beyond, without her support, assistance and […]

  • Ann-Marie Sweetland

    Following a Care & Support Customer Survey, customer Miriam M was asked what they like best about the support they receive from Family Mosaic, Miriam stated she was very happy and grateful for the support. She would not of been able to cope on her own.Nominated By: Miriam M […]

  • Marco Ferdenzi

    I would like to nominate Marco for a WOW Award in recognition of all the work he does here at St Peters House. We have a lot of issues here and he has been very "hands on" and supportive in trying to resolve them. For example last winter we had terrible problems with the drains and the awful […]

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing