In 1966 Ken Loach’s TV drama Cathy Come Home shocked the public, but prompted a lot of people to do something about homelessness. To mark the 50th anniversary of the film, we have launched a new campaign – Homeless Not Hopeless – to highlight its continued relevance today

Partnership with Crisis

We have partnered with leading homelessness charity, Crisis, to help our staff learn about the causes and consequences of homelessness today. Staff have been encouraged to reflect on their understanding of the issues, the services that we provide as well as how they can help, either by volunteering or making donations.

Film screenings

We have held film screenings in London, Pitsea, Colchester for staff to attend for free. Many teams have also held their own screenings. In London, we also hosted a panel discussion exploring how the sector has changed in the last 50 years.

Homes for Cathy

We are an official supporter of Homes for Cathy which is a campaign led by a consortium of 17 housing associations to mark the 50th anniversary of Cathy Come Home and aims to highlight the continuing needs of homeless people. On the Homes for Cathy website you will be able to watch interviews with two of our customers – Martin and Stelios – who were both recently staying at one of our London based homelessness services.

Inside Housing film competition

Family Mosaic are corporate partners of a film competition, Reel Homes, led by Inside Housing. The competition will take place in 2017 and aims to encourage young film makers to make a Cathy story for the 21st Century.

Our campaign has engaged staff from across the business to engage in the issues around homelessness today. As a social landlord, we remain committed to providing quality housing to some of the vulnerable people in our society. To find out more about our supported housing services, visit@