Your home

We want you to enjoy your home and get the most out of your tenancy with us.

This section sets out your rights and your responsibilities: what you can and can’t do in your home.

And if you want to move home, there’s advice about mutual exchanges, transfers and what to do when you’re ready to move (and how you can earn yourself £100 in the process).

Frequently asked questions

Can I install cable TV or a satellite dish?

You must get our written permission before installing satellite or cable TV. If you’ve installed it without permission, then we may ask you to remove, refit or replace it - or to pay for us to do this. Call us first on 0300 123 3456.

Can I keep a pet?

If it’s a caged bird or a fish in a tank, then yes, you can. But if it’s a cat, a dog or another pet, then you’ll need to get our written permission first.

We usually say yes, but you must be a responsible pet owner. This means picking up after your dog and keeping your pet under control.

We will, however, refuse permission if you ask us to keep any dog that is covered by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, or any other dog that appears to have been bred for fighting.

Before you buy a pet, call us first on 0300 123 3456.

I need to get rid of my sofa: can you take it away for me?

No: if you have a large item you need taken away, please contact your local council.

Can I pass on my tenancy to one of my friends?

No. You have to ask us first. If you pass on or assign your tenancy to someone else without asking us first, we will take legal action against you.

Can I change my front door lock?

You can change the locks on your front door or fit window locks. You must not fit locks to a front door that leads to someone else’s home without contacting us first. Call us on 0300 123 3456 if you need to talk about this.

Can I have a lodger?

If you want to take in a lodger, then you need to get our permission first. Please call us on 0300 123 3456 to discuss this first.

My mum is getting old and can’t get in and out of the bath any more: can you help?

If you, your parents, or someone else you know is finding living at home difficult, because of their age or they have a disability, then we probably can help. Call us on 0300 123 3456 and ask us to tell you about the extra support that we can help you with.

Can I become a Family Mosaic tenant?

Many people contact us directly to find out if they can become a tenant: please note, we don’t take any applications directly.

To become a Family Mosaic tenant, you’ll first need to contact your local council and ask to be placed on their housing list.

Waiting lists are long especially in London but your local council will be able to advise you.

Who can I contact about what’s going on in my local area?

If you want to find out what’s going on in your local area, have a look at the latest events on our Get Involved page. You can find out when we’re holding an event in your local area – whether it’s training opportunities, information about your benefits rights or football training.

If you want to arrange a meeting with your Neighbourhood Manager, call us on 0300 123 3456. Appointments in your home will be in the morning or afternoon: there are also some evening appointments available if you can’t be at home during the day.

Why has my communal heating system been switched-off?

It is our policy to switch-off communal heating systems between May and October.

Shutting-down communal heating systems during the summer saves you money on energy bills and allows us to carry out essential maintenance on your communal boiler. It also helps to stop your building from over-heating.

Switching-off communal heating systems in summer months is commonly done by other social and private housing companies.

What if I am cold?

You may want to consider other heating options, such as using a portable heater.

What if we experience unusually cold weather during the summer? 

If we experience cold weather in the summer months and if this weather is expected to continue for more than a few days, we will consider turning the heating back on. This decision will be made in consultation with residents associations and neighbourhood managers.

Why do I have a communal boiler?

We have communal or district boiler systems in many of our housing blocks, as they are one of the most efficient and cost effective way of providing heating and hot water.

Ask us a question

If you can’t find the answer to the question you’ve got about your home here, call us on 0300 123 3456, or contact us online.