The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer and colleague nominations.

Jeanine was nominated by Thandice Bowen, an incomes officer from London, in recognition of the work that Jeanine did to help an older tenant, struggling with her rent following her husband’s death.

Thandice explained further in her nomination:

The tenant’s partner used to deal with all the rent but now that he passed the tenant did not know where to start or what to do. After several conversations with her not understanding, I managed to speak with her daughter to explain what needed to be done to prevent rent arrears. Her daughter advised she suffered from dementia and would not give her any access to any paperwork to fill out housing benefits application form.


I contacted Jeanine to explain the circumstances and straight away, Jeanine kept me updated with what she wanted to do with the tenant by copying me into emails and seeking as much information as possible. Within one month of dealing with this case, the tenant has now moved into supported housing, getting the help she needs.


Jeanine also kept Housing Benefits updated and provided them with relevant information required, showing that the customer was very fragile and important and needed that extra care and help. The tenant’s family are happy with this decision as they now know that, as well as their support, the tenant will also be getting support from Family Mosaic.

Jeanine’s manager, Benedict Brown, recognises the work that Jeanine put in to help the resident:

Jeanine offers intensive support to residents whose tenancies are at risk in her role. As you can imagine, resident engagement is a crucial part of this role and Jeanine has developed a good skill to engage with our more challenging customers.


Jeanine thinks outside the box in an attempt to engage hard to reach residents and is very dedicated and committed to her role. Jeanine has received a number of WOW nominations which shows she is willing to go the extra mile for customers and colleagues.

Congratulations to Jeanine, another great example of a Gold Wow award winner!