A swimming gala, held at Darwin Court Healthy Living Centre in London, was recently held to showcase the skills of the swimming academy.

The Darwin Court Healthy Living Swim Team organised the event to promote well-being within the community, encouraging healthy living and life-saving skills for the children. It also provided a showcase for the children to show their swimming skills in a competitive environment and over 60 children came along with their parents and guardians.

The 15m pool at the centre is ideal for teaching swimming to students of any ability and for the last two years the swimming program has grown dramatically. On a weekly basis they provide lessons to 15 local schools, some of which are for special needs and disabled children. There is also an after-school swimming academy, for students from 4 years old to adults.

In total around 500 children are being taught at the pool every week. There are also different activities such as Aqua Fit, classes for babies and parents and family fun sessions.

Alex Reeve, regional director for care and support, handed out medals to the swimmers followed by a well-earned post-gala buffet and gift bags for everyone who attended.

It was a really successful event with lots of positive feedback from the children and parents. Helen Smith, mother of student attending the gala, was really impressed:

I don’t know how you did it! You must be exhausted after all the effort with organising all the children and keeping them safe. Well done.

Julia Rose-Weir, Centres and Services Manager, complimented the staff:

Everyone put in a lot of effort to organise the event and make sure it ran smoothly, it was a real team effort. Dealing with different customers and children can sometimes be challenging but everyone, particularly the swim team, showed a strong can-do attitude to get things done. Seeing all the children with their smiling faces in the pool, trying their best, was a lovely feeling. As a parent, seeing your child learn to swim brings a real sense of achievement. It was a great day and moreover, everybody was happy and this created a fantastic atmosphere. Thumbs up to the Darwin Court team!

This was a really successful event and a real opportunity for children, parents and the local community to come together and compete in a fun atmosphere.