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Whether you’ve just moved in to your home, or you’ve been living there for years, you have a number of responsibilities.

Read the sections below to find out what these are.

Paying the rent

Your rent is due in advance. There’s lots of ways you can pay your rent.

If you fall behind with your payments, call us on 0300 123 3456. Find out how we can help.

Looking after your keys

If you lose your keys, you’ll have to pay to have your locks changed. We don’t keep duplicate sets. So we always suggest that you get a spare set cut, and leave them with a relative or a friend.

Claiming Housing Benefit

You might be entitled to Housing Benefit. This will help you pay your rent. It’s your responsibility to find out if you are entitled.

Decorating your home

You’re responsible for decorating the inside of your home. If it needs painting when you first move in, we may give you vouchers to help you pay for this: call us on 0300 123 3456 and find out if we can help.

Storing inflammable materials (for example, petrol)

You must not store petrol, bottled gas, paraffin or other inflammable materials in your home.

Taking in a lodger

If you want to take in a lodger or sub-let part of your home, you must get our permission.

Insuring your home contents

It’s your responsibility to insure your own belongings: we strongly advise that you do this.

It’s your choice who you use: you can find your own insurance company or you can take advantage of the low-cost scheme we’ve arranged for our residents.

We have teamed up with the National Housing Federation to My Home, a scheme to protect their belongings at an affordable price and gain peace of mind.

Making your home secure

You can change the locks on your doors or fit window locks. You’re not allowed to fit locks on a front door that leads to someone else’s home without asking us first.

Leaving your home empty

If you go away for longer than a month, then you must let us know in writing. We can agree to special arrangements if you know you will be away for a period of time, but intend to come back.

Call us on 0300 123 3456 and tell us why you’re going, who will occupy your home while you’re away, how the rent will be paid while you’re away and how you can be contacted in an emergency.

You will still be responsible for paying your rent while you are away.

If you’re going to be away for more than 12 months, then we expect you to give up your home.

Keeping a pet

If it’s a caged bird or a fish in a tank, then you can: you don’t need to ask our permission. But if it’s a cat, a dog or another pet, then you’ll need to get our written permission first.

We usually say yes, but you must be a responsible pet owner. This means picking up after your dog and keeping your pet under control.

We will, however, refuse permission if you ask us to keep any dog that is covered by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, or any other dog that appears to have been bred for fighting.

Before you buy a pet, call us first on 0300 123 3456.

Putting your rubbish out

You must always put your rubbish in the dustbin or container provided. Don’t leave it where it might attract rats and other vermin. And don’t leave it where people might fall over it.

If you’ve got large items, like an old sofa, to take away, contact your local council.

Find out when your rubbish gets collected.

And don’t forget your recycling

The day your recycling is collected will depend on your local council. Don’t forget to put it into the containers that have been provided.

Find out what can be recycled in your area.

Don’t store your stuff in communal areas

You must not store any personal belongings, materials or goods (including bicycles, baby buggies etc.) in communal areas, stairways or communal cupboards without our written permission. If you do, then we may remove them without telling you and charge you for the cost of removing them. If you repeatedly fail to remove such items from communal areas, then we may have to take legal action against you.

We have to keep these areas clear for your safety – and for your neighbours as well.

Call us on 0300 123 3456 to find out more.

Parking your car

You must park your car in a reasonable manner: don’t block other residents; don’t block or obstruct emergency access routes. If you have one, please use your allocated car parking space. And you cannot bring any vehicle onto any part of our property if it cannot be legally used on the road.

Putting up an aerial, satellite dish or installing cable TV

You must get our written permission before installing satellite or cable TV. We will usually say yes, but we need to make sure that the dish or cable won’t interfere with other people, or damage the property.

If you’ve installed a dish without our permission, then we may ask you to remove, refit or replace it, or cover our costs for doing this.

If planning consent is needed, we will only give you our permission once you’ve got written consent from your local council’s planning department.

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing