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Welcome to Sterling Court, part of Stonegrove, a development by Barratt Developments PLC.

On this page you can find valuable information about your home on Stonegrove and all you need to know about the development. We would be grateful if you could set a little time aside to familiarise yourself with the documents below.

Resident Handbooks

Useful information

Information, advice and guidance about your local community and your home with us.


Video demonstrations

stonegrove_videos_qrAs part of this guide we have produced several demonstration videos which illustrate how the various installations and equipment in your home operate. In some homes you will also see QR Code stickers a bit like the one shown here. If you have a smartphone and a QR Code app installed, you can simply scan this sticker and view the relevant video straight away on your phone.

About your home

Information and advice about living at Stonegrove

Customer Services and Management Company
Should you need to contact our Customer Service Team they can be on;

Family Mosaic Customer Care Line: 0300 123 3456

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm

Telephone: 020 7089 1000

After Hours or Emergencies: 0300 123 3456

In the event of an ’out of hours’ emergency call the Emergency telephone number.

It should be noted that non-emergency calls cannot be dealt with outside of normal office hours.

Emergencies are classed as:

  • Complete failure of the heating system and/or hot water system
  • A water leak that cannot be contained
  • Complete failure of electrics
  • A flood caused by blocked drains that threatens to enter the home

Before reporting an Emergency please ensure that the problem is not caused by a general failure in the area.

It is important to remember that the Emergency number is only to be used in an Emergency and not for general repairs.

Management Company

OM Property Management
Malborough House
Wigmore Place
Wigmore Lane

Telephone: 01582 393 700
Fax: 01582 393 701

Family Mosaic Housing
20 Queen Elizabeth Street
Tel: 0300 123 3456

Moving in: things to check and defects
The Sterling Court development comprises of 88 apartments and 19 town houses for rent. The homes have been built to the latest British Building Regulations and NHBC standards, achieving certification from the NHBC.

The New Homes have been designed to be Eco and user friendly by utilising the latest technology such as ‘Centralised Heating & Hot Water Plant’ and ‘Low Energy Lighting’.

Location Stop Valves for:

Cold Water: Stop valve on wall adjacent to the HIU (heating unit) Labelled
Hot Water: Stop valve on wall adjacent to the HIU (heating unit) Labelled
Electric Main Switches & Circuit Breaker: In cupboard in hallway or hallway (consumer unit)

Location of Check Meters:

Electric: In the hall cupboard within the apartment and ground floor hall cupboard in a house   
In the riser cupboard within stair core landing and external paving adjacent to the to the house
Gas: N/A

Please note you are responsible for ensuring that you register with the Utility Companies and the relevant authority for Council Tax.

Emergency contact numbers for statutory service companies can be found at the end of this document.

NB: The call out charges associated with a “user error” or making use of the “emergency out of hours number” when an item is not an emergency will render the owner liable for a call out charge as billed by our external maintenance engineers. Therefore it is advisable that the instruction manuals for various working appliances are read when moving in and consulted from time to time.

Checks to do when moving in

Your home will have undergone numerous test and checks over the past month to ensure that all your equipment and services are in full working order and the finishes are to a high standard.Your home will have been inspected by Family Mosaic, Barratt and the NHBC prior to your completion, however during the settling down period, faults may occur which will require attention, it is therefore advisable for you to check the following after your move in;

  • All Sanitaryware (bath, basin, and the toilet etc)
  • All Glass for imperfections
  • Splashbacks (tiled areas behind sinks, baths, showers and basins)
  • Doors and windows are operating correctly.
  • All services (water, electric, Satellite TV, white goods, central heating (even if you move in during the summer) are connected and in full working order.
  • Make sure that you have all the keys to all the locks, and they are in working order, including all access fobs.
  • Additionally you should also check any common areas, for example, stairways, entrances or landings

If you do have any concerns about your property, you should report them to Family Mosaic.

Manufacturer’s Operating Manuals

Manufacturer’s Operating Manuals for the items in your home. The manuals will explain how to operate your appliances. If you require further information or a demonstration please contact Family Mosaic Customer Service Department.


Barratt West London via Family Mosaic are responsible for any genuine defects that may arise during the defect period and any defects should be reported to the Family Mosaic Customer Services Department by calling 0300 123 3456, then select.

The following are deemed as genuine defects;

  • Ceiling /Wall – cracking with the width exceeding 2mm due to drying out
  • Floor covering lifting or becoming loose
  • Windows not opening or closing properly
  • Leaking pipes and fittings
  • Faulty door/Window locks

The following are NOT deemed defects;

  • A blown light bulb
  • A blown fuse
  • Faults on Tenants own electrical appliances

Defects to items when the fault has been caused because of failure to read and apply operating and maintenance instructions that have been supplied.



The NHBC Warranty Insurance cover is provided by the N.H.B.C for a period of 12 years. Some repairs and defects may be covered by this warranty, for example External Water ingress. Any issues should on the first instance be reported to Barratt West London Customer Service Department, who may refer you directly to the NHBC. They will then work directly with Barratt to determine the best course of action.

Security, doors and entry phone
To make sure your home is secure there are some guidelines to follow:-

  • Where locks are fitted to communal entrance door please do not leave the door open
  • Close all communal entrance doors to prevent others getting in.
  • Do not leave your windows open when you are out
  • Please use all the locks fitted to your doors and windows at all times
  • Do not leave keys in window locks
  • Do not lend your access fob out (If you have been issued one)

Doors, windows and entry phone

Watch below for how to properly lock/unlock your doors/windows and operating entry phone.

Insure your belongings

The Managing Agent does not insure the contents of your home or your personal possessions. The Managing Agent cannot be responsible for these in any way.

You should arrange a comprehensive insurance policy to cover you for fire, burglary, house break-in, storm and flood damage and other risks as soon as you move in.

Note: Your contents insurance will be invalid if you leave keys in window locks. Please contact an Insurance Company or Broker for information about Contents Insurance.

Ventilating your home
A great deal of water was used in building your home. All this moisture must come out of the building structure before it reaches a stable and normally dry state.

‘Drying Out’ occurs during the first 12 months after the property has been built. Materials used in the building such as timber, concrete, bricks and plaster will have absorbed water and moisture during the construction period.

As these materials dry-out, defects may appear such as minor cracking in the walls or ceilings. Faults with the doors and windows may develop, making them difficult to operate.

These defects can be reduced if the materials are allowed to dry out in a controlled manner.

By taking the following steps you should be able to reduce occurrences of cracking:

  • Keep an even temperature throughout the home, even the rooms that are not occupied, this is generally recommended as being between 18 and 21 degrees centigrade.
  • Encourage ventilation by leaving windows and internal doors open a few inches, whenever you reasonably can (including cupboard doors).
  • Keep bathroom doors closed when bathing or showering as these activities create considerable water vapour that should not be allowed to spread to other rooms in your home. Ensure that extractor fans are on.

Ventilation and condensation

Condensation occurs when the air inside the building takes up excessive moisture from cooking, boiling kettles, steaming baths and showers, wet clothes and so on.

Your home is ventilated by a Whole House Ventilation system but you should also take steps to reduce condensation. Watch the video below for more.

Heating and Water Supply
An instruction manual giving details of how to operate the hot water and heating is included in the Information Pack handed to you/your representative/your Landlord on handover of the property. Individual usage is measured remotely using the GPRS system. The Managing Agents will read these meters across the development at certain intervals throughout the year to record and confirm individual usage for each apartment. Individual quarterly bills will be raised by the Managing Agents to your landlord, (Family Mosaic) directly.

Heating and hot water supply

The video below introduces the HIU unit which is responsible for managing how heating and hot water is provided.

You should consider your hot water and heating requirements and set the digital programmer to meet your needs, this can be set by you at Handover and if further assistance is required contact the site manager who carries out your home tour or Barratt West London Customer Service. The thermostats should be adjusted to achieve the desired temperatures for each area of your home in an energy efficient way.

Central Heating

The heating to your home has been provided via traditional radiators. The heating is a wet system that distributes hot water via pipes set within ceilings and walls. It is therefore imperative that any fixings to the walls or ceilings are carefully located to avoid causing damage to these pipes.

View the videos below for a demonstration of how to set your central heating.


Cold water is supplied direct from the Water Company’s main to the Hydraulic Interface Unit (HIU) in the hallway cupboard and from there to taps throughout the property. It is also connected to the W.Cs, baths and basins and feeds the, which in turn supplies hot water to the hot water taps. The toilet has an internal overflow.

In the event of an emergency or maintenance and the water needs to be turned off, as shown in this video:

Plumbing maintenance

The complete drainage system to your home and the building has been cleaned and checked prior to you taking occupation.

Please remember DO NOT flush feminine hygiene products, cotton buds, disposable nappies etc. down the toilet, as this will cause a blockage.

The subsequent unblocking work (May be chargeable)

Please remember that putting any fat, oil or food particles e.g. Rice into the kitchen sink may block the drains. You may have to pay for the drains to be cleared in the event that these substances caused the blockage.

Electricity supply (consumer unit) and light bulbs
The electricity in your home is fed through a consumer unit located inside the hallway cupboard. The supply to your home is currently supplied by;

EON Energy Please call 0845 303 3020 to set up your billing account.

Your electricity meter is situated in the hall cupboard your flat on to the external wall mounted meter box on the houses. Your electricity supplier will require the meter reading and meter number for billing purposes.

The consumer unit is located in your hallway cupboard controls the electrical installation within your home. There are an number of switches in your consumer unit which have different functions. The switches are labelled relating to the circuit that they control.

Watch this video for a brief overview of how the consumer unit works, or read on for further details.

Each circuit is protected by a (miniature circuit breaker) or MCB. To isolate an individual lighting or power circuit flick the switch to the ‘off’’ position. The MCB automatically disconnects the supply of electricity if the circuit is overloaded or if there is a fault. This can be reset by flicking the switch back to ‘on’.

The RCD (Residual-Current-Device) functions similar to an MCB and provides additional shock protection particularly for appliances that may be used outside the home. There is a ‘Test Button’ which should be pressed periodically to check the RCD functions correctly.

It is not advisable to keep resetting the MCB or RCD repeatedly; a ‘trip’ like this may indicate a fault with the circuit or an appliance and should be reported to Barratt Customer Services for investigation by a qualified person.

To turn off all electricity to the home, flick the main switch (Big Switch)

If your appliances are causing the power supply to ‘trip’ out, check the appliance by ensuring that the wires are properly connected to the plug. Please take care to ensure that any electrical appliance you use have a suitable connection to a 220 volt 50 cycle AC supply. Ensure an appropriate rating is installed in the plug of the appliance. If you have doubts about any appliance you should seek advice from a qualified person.

Once the faulty appliance has been repaired and reconnected the MCB‘s switch should be set to the up position. This will reconnect the power to the circuit.

Earth Bonding – You may notice a yellow and green cable connected to a silver plate which is clamped to the pipework and metal appliances such as the sinks and radiators. This is called Earth Bonding. Do not tamper with the Earth Bonding cables they have been fitted in the interest of safety as they help to minimise the risk of electrical shocks.


  • Do not attempt to do any work on an electric circuit.
  • Always unplug an appliance before working on it.
  • Always ensure that appliances are fitted with the correct fuses as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring appliances.
  • Never use an electric hair dryer or any other portable electric appliance in the bathroom, apart from a shaver attached to outlet in shaver light.
  • Keep a torch handy by the control box for emergencies.
  • Please do not attempt to repair, alter or extend electrical installations.

Light bulbs and fittings

Low energy light bulbs have been supplied to some rooms and ordinary light bulbs to others but all future replacement bulbs will have to be purchased by the resident.

This video demonstrates how to change certain light bulbs.

TV/Cable/Satellite and Telephone
TV Aerials and satellite sockets have been fitted for this purpose. Provision of Sky+ and Hot-bird satellite has been chosen in order to provide the widest range of channels in the widest range of languages to suit all our residents. Some channels may require a subscription payment.


Your home has been fitted with a digital external aerial and communal satellite has been installed to the lounge and bedroom. In order to view your television in the bedroom you will need to use the ‘return’ socket loop (not Supplied) each property has 2 TV Aerial points. (See video below or read on).

The splitter/return loop (The link Triax product number304139) is not supplied and can be purchased from any good TV aerial outlet or DIY superstore such as Homebase or B&Q. Information regarding the hoops in contained within this booklet and

The SAT1 and SAT2 points are for Hot-bird and SKY+

The property is supplied with a communal TV aerial system that receives digital terrestrial signals for:


Freeview is available via a Free-Sat set top box

You will be responsible for the TV licence and the connection charges to a satellite provider and any subscription charges. To activate your Satellite/Sky connection please call Sky directly on 0844 995 9595 to arrange an engineer to visit your home.


Telephone points are provided in the lounge and main bedroom and are connected to British Telecom, who will activate the master socket which is located in the lounge/living room. In the event that additional points are required, the residents are responsible for activating these for the extra telephone/internet connections.

If you want to keep a pet, other than small caged birds or fish, you will need to get written permission from Family Mosaic. We will usually give you permission unless we think that the pet will cause a nuisance.

You will also need our permission if you wish to keep any additional animals in your home. If we give permission you must ensure that you keep them under control, and they do not foul any shared communal areas in the building. If you keep a dog you will need to live on the ground floor and have sole access to a garden which is properly secured.

The building is equipped with a modern passenger lifts. Press the call button beside the lift doors to call the lift. Press the appropriate floor level relating to your flat inside the lift.

Lifts are very reliable but in the unlikely event of a breakdown an emergency button is located in the lift. This connects directly to an operator who will send assistance to you and/or diagnose the fault remotely and activate a door release when it is safe to do so.

Always report any irregularity that you may experience with the lift to FM Customer Services on 0300 123 3456

Please be careful when using the lift to transport large items of furniture etc. DO NOT damage the internal panels. The lift car dimensions are 1100mm (w) x 1400mm (d) x 2200mm (h) – allowable loading 650kg. Any furniture larger or heavier than this must be transported to your apartment via the communal stairs.

Please note that residents are not allowed to wedge open the lift (e.g. when moving in furniture) as this is likely to cause the lift to fail, and the bill for re-commissioning the lift will be issued to the resident

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing