In November, we held two resident Question and Answer sessions for all residents, in Hackney and Islington.

Over 160 residents attended the two sessions, which were hosted by Steve Burns (Executive Director of Communities) and Brendan Sarsfield (Chief Executive).

During the merger consultation, residents told us providing strong links to local services and communities is important in the merged Peabody.

While we develop and embed a local service, we felt we needed to bridge the gap and make sure residents have a chance to see and hear from the executive team.

There are two parts to each session:

  • A formal questions and answer section, led by a member of the executive team, and
  • A section where residents can raise their own queries and get issues sorted with a Peabody employee

During the question and answer sessions, residents raised question they had on everything from housing and their local community to the services we provide.

A common theme raised was repairs and maintenance, where we could give strong reassurances about what we will do to improve our services. Other, more general questions, around the housing crisis and where the younger generation will live were harder to answer but will fuel our efforts to influence the government to increase housing supply and support low earners.

If you missed our first two Q&A sessions, we will hold another 10 over the next year in the boroughs with the most residents, so look out for more information.

A member of our Board will also attend future sessions and we plan to share the Q&As on our website as a resource for residents.