The Better Deal

The Better Deal applies to you if you have been invited to sign up to an Assured Shorthold Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement.

We issue this for a set period of six years under what we call The Better Deal.

The first year will be a probationary period, and provided you keep to the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement, then your tenancy will continue for a further five years. During these five years, The Better Deal requires you to take steps to achieve personal progress in work, training or education. In the final year, we will decide whether to end your tenancy or give you a new Fixed Term Tenancy.

You can find out more about The Better Deal by reading our leaflet.

When will my tenancy end?

We will not end the tenancy during the six year fixed term unless there is a breach of the tenancy and we will need a court order to do this. However, we will carry out an assessment in the final year of your tenancy to establish if your home is still suitable for you and to determine whether you have achieved progress as part of the The Better Deal or taken reasonable steps to do so.

If you have made progress, then we may give you another Fixed Term Tenancy agreement. If you have not made efforts needed to progress your circumstances, or your circumstances have improved to the extent that you are assessed to be in a financial position to move on to other forms of housing e.g. home ownership or shared ownership, then we will not offer you a further tenancy.

Why is it called The Better Deal?

As a landlord, Family Mosaic has a number of legal obligations towards our tenants, which are set out within the Tenancy Agreement, for example we have a responsibility to carry out repairs. When you become our tenant you also have a set of responsibilities to us and your neighbours, as set out in your Tenancy Agreement, such as paying your rent on time.

When you take on a Fixed Term Tenancy with us, you are also accepting the additional expectations of you as a tenant as part of The Better Deal. When you become a Fixed Term tenant, we ask you to sign up to an action plan which sets out what you will do to progress into work, training or education. We don’t expect you to do this alone, which is why we offer employment advice, training and/or referrals to other organisations to support your personal progress.

We will offer you support in achieving your action plan. For example, if requested, we could provide financial advice, employment support and training to help achieve the goals highlighted above.

If you achieve progress, or make reasonable efforts to do so, then you will be offered a further Fixed Term Tenancy.

If you do not achieve progress and it is considered that you are not making reasonable efforts, then your tenancy will end when the six year fixed period ends.

How would I qualify for a different type of tenancy?

If your circumstances change within the Fixed Term Tenancy period and you can provide evidence that you fall outside our Fixed Term Tenancy rules, then we may offer you an Assured Lifetime Tenancy, which has no set end date. You can see the full set of circumstances in which you would qualify for a Lifetime Tenancy rather than a Fixed Term Tenancy in our Fixed Term Tenancies leaflet.

What if I don’t want to sign up to The Better Deal?

We offer Fixed Term Tenancies and The Better Deal to make sure that we make the best use of our limited housing and to encourage our tenants to improve their personal circumstances. By signing your Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement, you are also agreeing to the expectations and requirements of The Better Deal.

If you don’t think you can work with us on an action plan to progress into employment, training or education, then you should seriously consider whether a Family Mosaic Fixed Term Tenancy is right for you.

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing