How we let our homes

These are the key steps in your journey to becoming a Family Mosaic tenant. Use this information to guide you through our letting process and help you decide if you would like to become a Family Mosaic tenant.

We are an independent housing association. We are not run for profit but we invest any surplus we make back into improving our homes and services. We provide good quality, affordable homes to rent and buy, as well as care and support services to thousands of people who need extra support.

We have around 24,000 homes for rent and we serve more than 45,000 people: we’re one of the largest housing providers in London, Essex and the Southeast.

Most new tenants are referred to us by local councils. You may have bid for one of our homes in your council’s choice-based letting scheme or they may have made you a direct offer.

Although we work closely with local councils, we have our own lettings policies. This means we will need to assess your application for rehousing before we confirm if we will make you an offer. For more information, please read our lettings policy.

We will need to ask you about your household, current circumstances, housing needs, any support needs, health issues and your income and employment status before we can make you an offer. We assess every new applicant to check if you are likely to be able to afford to pay your rent and any service charges and to offer you the right type of support when you move in.

We may interview by phone, in person or ask you to complete and return an application form. Later on you will need to show us important documents including passports, driving licence and payslips or benefits letters as proof of your income and the identity of all members of your household.

We work in partnership with a company called Experian to help us assess new applicants. We will need your consent to access your Credit file. We are unable to assist you with rehousing if you do not give us consent.

Some councils send us more than one person at a time so you may be a reserve. When we carry out viewings we may invite one or two reserves at the same time so we can let our empty homes quickly.

We try to arrange viewings as soon as it is safe to do so. This may involve viewing before the current tenant moves out. All viewings are accompanied by a member of staff.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our homes. However, we do not generally redecorate or provide carpets or curtains or white goods such as cookers and fridges. We may provide you with Dulux vouchers to help you with the cost of decorating if the property needs decorating. For more information, please see Property Standards.

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing