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Nominee: Ijeoma Anonam

IJ is and has been a very hard working member of the Family Mosaic team. She was very helpful and active throughout the regeneration of Stone Grove - an ever-present figure in times of help, answering questions and also giving feedback to clients. Always present when needed - like during the allocation of tenants' car parking permit. She was alone for a while before someone else joined her. She was very calm and dealt with everyone present in a very clear and professional way.

Nominated By: Pat

Nominee: Nicola Judge

Before she came it was not good: not a lot was done and residents just rowed about things, but she is No.1 for us and the residents of Knowlton. Not a flower was seen but now flowers are all over the place. She is always there for us and nothing is too much trouble. Last year, she did not get a mention so please put the No.1 Nicola up for a gong- it's the only way she knows that we really care about her and what she does.

Nominated By: Mr & Mrs Neve

Nominee: Nicola Judge

You can talk to her and other members of staff which include Sharon and Janette about anything, and if they can they will help us, which they have done just recently. We are so grateful, thank you.

Nominated By: Mr & Mrs R Wilson

Nominee: Nicola Judge

Nicola has a sincere and very energetic approach to her duties. She calls 'a spade a spade' which is indeed a refreshing approach and unusual in this day and age of 'correctness'. She perseveres despite difficulties - not of her making - to bring residents' problems to a satisfactory conclusion. This sets an excellent example which is both genuinely and impartially applied. Her approach towards her duties commands both respect and approval, which itself engenders a feeling of 'one-ness', with most residents unfortunately not always reciprocated. But this she takes in her stride. She is an asset to the community.

Nominated By: Mr & Mrs D Hollis

Nominee: Vickie West

We would like to nominate Vickie West for a WOW award for her excellent PowerPoint presentation to her team colleagues in relation to changes to welfare benefits in 2016. She had obviously researched the subject and looked at pros and cons of the changes which resulted in a lot of debate. As a team the information you have provided will definitely help us all in supporting our customers.

Nominated By: Floating Support - Locality 2 Team

Nominee: Chelsey Smith

Ms Godfrey would like to thank Chelsey for helping her during a particularly difficult time. Ms Godfrey feels that Chelsey was kind, practical and informative, and that the information she was given really made a difference to her.

Nominated By: Ms Godfrey

Nominee: Julia Cosford

Mrs Osborne called to thanks Julia Cosford, CCIM officer, for her help and assistance yesterday, there is an on-going issue which is currently under a Section 20 but Julia listened to her and has contacted relevant departments to try help her. Off the back of Julia's help, Chigwell Construction are now going to meet with Ms Osborne Friday lunchtime to see if they can carry out a temp repair. Ms Osborne is really thankful for Julia's help so far

Nominated By: Mrs Osborne

Nominee: Phillip Watkins

He is always willing to go the extra mile and works so hard for the good of the services, we would be lost without him.

Nominated By: Anna Ingram

Nominee: Stephanie Francis

Ms McQueen called to thank her Neighbourhood Manager for quick response to this matter. She wanted to advised the letter sent to neighbours was very strong but fair. Ms McQueen expressed her gratitude to Stephanie for her professional manner dealing with this unfortunate situation.

Nominated By: Ms Mcqueen

Nominee: Janet Turner

I really appreciated Jan's help, she explained everything very clearly to me, outstanding, very, very helpful.

Nominated By: Mr Ageze

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