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Nominee: Chloe Bernard

I received an excellent and high quality advice from Chloe. I think she a great manager and contributed greatly to put a stop to my homelessness situation. During my stay I managed to enrol with her assistance to IT class which I have completed. It has given me confidence to seek employment. I would like to thank Chloe for creating conducive culture and caring community.

Nominated By: Ali Abdy

Nominee: Jeff Stratton

We needed information on our development programme and examples of some recent schemes for an interview with the Evening Standard. Jeff worked extra hours and under pressure to get what was needed to us for the journalist. As with these things the print deadline meant we had little time , and were not sure really what was required so it required flexibility and responsiveness. Many thanks to Jeff for helping us out, it's not in his job description I am sure!

Nominated By: Ken Youngman

Nominee: Adrian & Mariana Enache

A pleasure to deal with and efficient. Thank you for all your hard work!

Nominated By: Olga B

Nominee: Vickie West

Vickie was amazing at her job. She made myself and my brother who needed urgent help feel comfortable and reassured. Vickie treated Steve as an individual and listened intently to his needs - caring, understanding, professional lady. Thank you.

Nominated By: Mary S & Stephen P

Nominee: Corrinne Askaroff

She was both knowledgeable and supportive at a most difficult time. Really excellent! Corrinne really got results. Thank you so very much.

Nominated By: A Hustwayte

Nominee: Gemma Webb

She did what a good customer care officer would do: listened without judgement, made clear what the situation is and explained clearly what it is she would do and what was not possible.

Nominated By: N Morgan

Nominee: Cheinah Richardson

Never in a rush, she listens well. being very supportive, very dedicated and kind.

Nominated By: Agnes A

Nominee: Hargood Close

Just would like to say thank you. Your staff at Hargood Close, Colchester, have been great being disabled and in need of some help they have been great and deserve praise for all there help .

Nominated By: Marcus B

Nominee: Sean Folorunso

I am nominating Sean on behalf of Florence Samarasinha. I spoke with her on 5 August whilst Sean was away she kept on singing Sean's praises and stated "Sean works very hard and I can see that he is very determined, he has made more of a difference than any other NM since I have been living here!" She is really happy with the service delivery from Sean so congratulations!!

Nominated By: Karla Simpson on behalf of Florence

Nominee: Dele Fatogun

I just want to say a huge huge thank you and send my appreciation to Dele because he has been nothing but completely supportive on a complicated and time consuming ASB case. He has assisted me on a visit and regularly checks in with me on the case. It has been great to work with him and to learn some new skills and approaches from him of how to deal with tenant issues. Great work and I appreciate your help Dele! :-)

Nominated By: Karla Simpson

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