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Nominee: Elizabeth Cooknell

She has been helpful and friendly to us both and I feel so much more confident and happy about things.

Nominated By: Mr & Mrs Hw Hawkins

Nominee: Employment Team

My boot camp was a happy and joyful one. I knew what I wanted to become but found it hard to achieve my dream goal, but the boot camp exprience enabled me to achieve my goal. Meeting new people was postive and fun. Help and support was given to me and moreover I was given the skills to search for work. I was able to find myself a job from the training I received at boot camp. I am happy and enjoying my work at the Nursery Setting and enjoying working with children and their parents/carers. Working with other people at the Setting is fun but challenging, but I will not have it any other way. Thank you all for all your continuing support - keep doing it, as I am learning more and more and I hope with the skills, love and support I receive I will one day open my own Nursery Setting and pass on my skills to other people and give others what you've given to me.

Nominated By: Zainab Turay

Nominee: Debbie Fowlin, Bankole Ajayi, Shivani Vaidya & Alan Ferguson

Debbie is very kind, understanding and very professional and fast to solve issues.Bankole is very kind, sorting problems, going that extra mile, very comforting. Shivani is very kind, was very fast to sort my big problems like getting a hoover, etc. Always there for you. These are people are rare these days. Alan is always fast tracking and sorting things out, specially lately following our request and we need to thank him for his always kind attention.

Nominated By: Farivar Tovsi

Nominee: Obi Aguiyi

Obi recently contacted me to try and arrange training for my team; it was essential training that I had been trying to book for a few months. I received an email from Obi regarding Risk Assessment Training, I then emailed him a list of all training required for my team and he very efficiently arranged dates, courses and either booked my team or added them to waiting lists. I know this sounds very standard but Obi completed this task super efficiently, keeping me updated at each stage and providing options for dates, etc. It was quite a task and Obi remained patient, polite and very friendly throughout. Obi is a real asset to his team and Family Mosaic and he really deserves to be recognised for the outstanding service he provided to me and my team today. Thank you Obi

Nominated By: Kate Poyser

Nominee: Toni Jones

Toni was of great help this evening while covering the Asset Management on-call rota. I called at a time when Toni was travelling home, to seek assistance with an emergency situation at one of our schemes. I am extremely grateful for the assistance Toni provided and was very pleased with her positive attitude considering the lateness of my call and the fact that she was travelling home. Toni is a credit to her department for such a positive and helpful attitude coupled with her efficient response to the situation.

Nominated By: Luke Aldridge

Nominee: Kavita Shah

I would like to nominate Kavita as she is always so helpful and pleasant. Today I needed someone who was able to speak Gujarati to assist one of my elderly residents. She was straight over and on the phone and got the issue resolved. Thanks so much Kavita - youre a star!!

Nominated By: Melissa Thynne

Nominee: Riki Martin

Riki always goes above and beyond for all the projects he does work at, he's friendly and patient and respectful to the tenants who live at the projects. Our project is supported housing for single homeless with complex needs, and Riki has helped our tenants and us with repairs, painting and advice on things that we plan to do. We appreciate this service and particularly the patience and kindness that Riki shows to our tenants

Nominated By: Joanne Heyburn

Nominee: Delphine Teh

I have submitted this following the communication receieved from a resident."Following my initial complaint I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding customer service that I received from Delphine Teh.She did everything in her power to ensure repairs were completed and followed through by Mears, however, when this was not achieved she was sincerely apologetic and had true empathy to my situation at hand. She called me every day and even went as far as to call me after she had finished work for the day to check if works had been completed.She is a credit to your team and I do wish she was the one to whom I had dealt with when my first complaint was raised when I was heavily pregnant, as at times I felt like no one was listening or truly understanding my predicament. She truly understands the meaning of quality customer service as she took the time to look into my repairs and did all that was within her power to rectify the missed appointments by Mears.As much as I have brought to your attention the poor service I had received by Family Mosaic and Mears, I feel it is only right to give credit where credit is due and to acknowledge outstanding customer service.I hope me bringing this to your attention will be brought to both Delphine and her manager's attentions."

Nominated By: Ms Riley

Nominee: Sam Defrond

Sam is always swift with his responses (especially in the evenings when I am working late and desperate for help). He always manages to resolve the problem. He is very patient, polite and friendly. Great customer service and an asset to the Helpdesk!

Nominated By: Sharon Nichols

Nominee: Pria Valand

Pria was extremely helpful in helping me get three different repair teams to my property. As I work Monday to Friday, getting repairs at the weekend, unless an emergency, can be very difficult. Pria organised and liased with all three different contractors on my behalf. I now have an appointment with Family Mosiac and their sub-contractors all on the same day. Pria took out the pain and stress involved in making long phone calls, missed appointments and taking three days off work!

Nominated By: Mr R. A. Albertin

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