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The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer nominations.

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Nominee: Carol Smith

Carol accompanies me out to places and make it feel like I have normality which is important to me. Carol will tell me straight to behave myself when I am in a bad mood. I feel she is a valuable friend to me, not just a Support Worker.

Nominated By: Hayley Glover

Nominee: Karen Stratton

Karen has consistently shown initiative in trying to improve the quality of life of our customers.

Nominated By: Angela French

Nominee: Sue Mayhew

Sue consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the customer receives the best care including appointments on her days off.

Nominated By: Angela French

Nominee: Adam Hoad

Laura Pickard emailed in to advise: 'I have had two conversations today with one of your service desk agents Adam and in both conversations he offered outstanding customer care, he was personable, friendly, more than helpful and had complete empathy for my complaint. He is an absolute asset to your company.' Laura has also asked for a recording of the call so she can use her call with Adam as an example of how agents should deal with customers - she works for an IT company. Well done Adam this is amazing!

Nominated By: Coral Reading on behalf of customer

Nominee: Debbie Tween

Debbie has been a big help to me when I had no one to turn to. She has gone beyond the call of duty to support me and I am very grateful.

Nominated By: Emma Porter

Nominee: Debbie Tween

When I was in need, I'd forgotten that I could call FM. I really couldn't have got through these last few months without your help - you gave me the support that enabled me to work towards where I am today. Thank you very much.

Nominated By: Tracey Barlow

Nominee: Customer Care Line

Mrs Fahy wanted to pass her thanks to the CCL. Mrs Fahy knows each time they make a call she will receive great customer service. Mrs Fahy wishes all FM departments were as professional.

Nominated By: Mrs Fahy

Nominee: Damian Carter

Mr Colligan wished to nominate Damian as he feels that Damian went above and beyond. Mr Colligan had called the CCL previously and requested a refund form be sent out to him but had never received it, this was over 3 months ago. He then called and spoke to Damian and was very impressed. The form was sent out and received today, but not only that, Damian requested the refund be done over the phone. Mr Colligan highly recommends Damian.

Nominated By: Mr Colligan

Nominee: Dean Howard

Dean has supported me throughout my apprenticeship starting from the application process through to becoming a fully fledged apprentice at Family Mosaic. Dean is always there for the apprentices and maintains a brilliant relationship with all of us. Well done Dean, keep up the good work!

Nominated By: Thomas Grummett

Nominee: Martin Green & Gareth Race

For several months, our son Steve's toilet in Flat 6 has been leaking. Although the service agent employed by Family Mosaic claim to have repaired the problem, and had been called out many times, the leak continued. On Sunday 22 March, the leak culminated in a catastrophic water leak which went through the lower levels of Allen House and fused the electrical supplies. On that day, Steve had come to spend the day with us. Martin phoned to tell us about the leak during the course of the day, continually kept Steve and us up to date with what was happening at Allen House. This helped to alleviate Steve's stress and anxiety levels. He also had to inform Steve that, on returning to his flat that evening, he would be unable to use the toilet in his bathroom, resulting in Steve having to use the downstairs toilet for two days.On returning to his flat that evening, Martin and Gareth continued to support Steve with his change of circumstances.A very difficult situation managed with care, but with the fantastic help initially of Martin and Gareth, and afterwards the staff on duty, Steve was guided through this stressful, upsetting and totally unnecessary situation.

Nominated By: Gerry & Jenny Holland

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