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The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer nominations.

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Nominee: Geoff Parnell - INTERNAL

Since arriving at Family Mosaic Goeff has gone out of his way to organise social events such as the the FM Golf Tournament and the Finance Curry and Cocktails night. The events have been good for morale and have been an excellent way for colleagues to get to know one another outside of the usual business setting. Geoff deserves recognition for the significant amount of effort and his own time that he has dedicated to organising these events.

Nominated By: John Spillett

Nominee: Avis Rhodes - INTERNAL

Avis is so worthy of this WOW! Award for going completely above and beyond in her role as Head of Contact Centre during the launch of the Responsive Repairs contact centre within the CCL. Avis has been driving forward this project whilst keeping the customer at the forefront of her mind. She totally encompasses the new Family Mosaic values. She has had the courage to make some tough decisions in the short term to get our service moving forward but these have all been made to benefit our customers. She is dedicated to them and to our team and has done everything in her power to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our customer. She has been very supportive of the team and has given us confidence in our work and has been very smart in thinking about how the repairs service can add value to our business, day after day. It’s not very often that management at Avis’s level get recognised for their hard work but we want to thank her for everything she has done for us and the team. Even on those tough days she has been there to provide a supportive ear and listen to us-that’s all we can ask for. Thank you Avis!

Nominated By: Sarah Tamlyn on behalf of all the CCL Team Managers-Keith Greenfield, Lisa Pearce, Michelle Sannerude and Luke Aldridge

Nominee: Ibrahim Mshuri

I would like to nominate Ibrahim for his excellent customer service. I recently called the Call Centre but could not get through to speak to a member of the repairs team about an appointment that I wanted to book. Eventually, the phone was picked up by Ibrahim, who said he worked in the Gas Team and explained that calls were being diverted. I thought - as I did not get through to the Call Centre, he would not be able to book the repair for me. I was mistaken - Ibrahim very patiently and calmly listened to me as I explained the difficulties I had experienced trying to book the repair. He took the details of the repair, sent an email over to the Call Centre, gave me a contact telephone number to check the appointment had been booked and promised me that even if the Call Centre did not get back to me in time, he would do the repair for me himself! To my surprise, he did! I was very pleased not only with Ibrahims customer service standards but also his knowledge and I am glad to have been in contact with him. I think Family Mosaic and Mears are very fortunate to have him as part of their team - he is a valuable asset to you and I wish him every success in the future.

Nominated By: Monica Matthews

Nominee: Simon Matin

Simon has supported my son with applying for and being accepted onto an apprenticeship scheme within Guys and St Thomas. Simon did not give up trying and now my son is extremely happy in his new role and is progressing well. Many thanks Simon

Nominated By: Nicole Van Staeyen

Nominee: Saul Stevens - INTERNAL

On Saturday 28 September Saul attended a customer consultation event in Laindon, Essex. The event was to gain local residents opinions of what they would like to see in the centre. There was a BBQ booked for the event with an approved supplier who did not turn up on the day. As a BBQ was advertised and was integral to the success of the event, Saul jumped in his car and went to the local supermarket and bought burgers, sausages etc., so that the BBQ could go ahead. He then cooked everything in the centre kitchen, with help from colleagues and then after the event he swept and mopped floors. Saul totally involved himself in the event, from the beginning of the day to the end. I am nominating Saul as he totally embodies We Can.

Nominated By: Amanda Bairstow

Nominee: Joseph Thomas - INTERNAL

We have recently had some very challenging customers that seem to come one after the other. The very professional way in which Joseph had dealt with each case has been impressive. The issues that have arisen have at times just come out of the blue and Joseph has always been up to the job and more. I feel Joesph is an asset to FM.

Nominated By: Basi Yussuff

Nominee: Julie Thompson

I am a tenant at the Family Mosaic scheme at Hargood Close. I am writing to you not to complain but to compliment and praise the Manager Julie Thompson who is running the scheme itself. I truly believe that she is an amazing member of staff/management. It is my feeling that she should have some recognition or even be given an award. She works long, hard hours, and puts everything she has into running a successful site and happy community. Julie has been particularly outstanding as a support to me through some very difficult times. In those short few months I have built a trusting and supportive relationship with her and she has made me believe I can do something with my life. She has gone way above and beyond her call of duty for me. Dealing with a court case for two of my children has been so hard for me and Julie has been there to support me, take me to and from court and solicitors, and being a huge help in keeping my level-headed and articulate. I also have a young daughter who is currently in and out of hospital. Julie has been there with me when I have needed her and helped me through some very difficult times. She listens, understands, guides and gives fantastic advice. I believe I may not have been able to do some of these things without her and I so very, very grateful. She is helping me to be a better person, and to show me I cannot be the best person. I found out that by writing to you that her hard work, time and support would be recognised properly, as I felt that just saying thank you to her is not enough. If there were more people like Julie, the world would be a better place.

Nominated By: Miss Annalouise Frostick

Nominee: Stacey Ambrose

Miss Kelly called to thank Stacey for her help on the 26/9 regarding the cleaning issues with Wettons that have now been resolved. She advised she has spoken to Stacey many times and she has always been very helpful. Well done!!!

Nominated By: Miss Marion Kelly

Nominee: Marcia Ridge - INTERNAL

I have called Marcia several times in the last 3 weeks for clarification in respect to relief holiday query. Marcia listened carefully to my questions, patiently answered them all and went extra mile to do my calculations even when I was not able to request knowing that it takes time. I called a couple of times on the same day after that conversation and she was so patient and polite. I told my colleagues about her that they can call her if they need help and they also confirmed that she is calm and polite. Marcias customer service skills are exceptional!

Nominated By: Bridget Farinto

Nominee: Daiva Domeikaite-Amusan - INTERNAL

Over the last month I have seen and been impressed by Daivas continued engagement with a relapsing alcoholic customer, and her willingness to take on responsibility outside her role, offering hope and social contact for someone who is very isolated.

Nominated By: Magnus Irvine

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