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The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer nominations.

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Nominee: Gus Channer

He was really helpful, professional, and seemed genuinely determined to get our problem solved. Would thoroughly recommend him in the future.

Nominated By: Dawn Power

Nominee: Penny Wallis

Penny always goes the extra the mile to make sure her tasks are completed to the best of her ability. Penny will undertake tasks outside of her remit to ensure communal areas are tidy and inviting for our customers. Penny uses her initiative to make the scheme a nicer place for our customers to live in.

Nominated By: Vicky Lewry

Nominee: Mr D Baker

Prompt, courteous, clean, diligent. Mr Baker was and is all of these. He also effectively dealt with the problems I was enduring. Also it was very refreshing to talk to a rugby player and not the usual football.

Nominated By: Anonymous

Nominee: Nick

Nick organised and executed a brilliant repair of my front door and was absolutely reliable and friendly in so doing. He saved everyone concerned time and money - he restored my faith on many levels!

Nominated By: Anonymous

Nominee: Latisha Henry

Latisha Henry is very helpful; very competent and thorough in her job. She is always there if I need advice. Family Mosaic should be very proud.

Nominated By: Miss Simms

Nominee: Here to Help team

Ellen Pope, Flo Osbourne, Stacie McDermott, Jean Townsend, Graham Colwell, Daisy Message, and Ian RabbettMy name is Carol and I am a senior support worker for the Littlehampton team of Here to Help. I would like to nominate my team for a wow award as a very big thank you for all their hard work throughout the last year and support and respect they have given to their clients and me. Over the past year we have had a lot of changes: support workers changing schemes, dealing with new clients who have found it very difficult coping with all the new faces they see, also doing extra while we have been short staffed. The team have worked so well together, helping each other out and without question giving the clients the best support possible, I now know what the real meaning of 'team work' is and I am very lucky to be senior to such a wonderful team who are employees of Family Mosaic.

Nominated By: Carol Harvey

Nominee: Marjorie Mbulo

Margorie is truly an earth Angel and a real diamond to Family Mosaic. Margerie radiates everything that Family Mosaic stands for. Not only in customer services but in excellent listening and productivity. After 25 years of being with Family Mosaic I had never encountered such a dear, kind, compassionate, thoughtful member of staff. Margorie has changed the way I view Family Mosaic. I felt like I mattered and that my family mattered and that we were not just another number. Margorie went above and beyond the call of duty to help myself and my family to get our house back in order, following a number of housing disasters that took place at our place of residence. For more than 3 months I called Family Mosaic at 9:00am each day to chase up repairs and searching desperately for assistance. The contractors came out over 20 times and nothing really seemed to be fixed. I was so desperate to get the house in order that I was forced to use my life savings to help my family, including my elderly father, until things went from bad to worse. The repairs were too serious for one person to handle and we were left without hot water, heating, lighting and then a loss in electricity following a flood from the water tank. The contractors were unreliable and passed me from pillar to post. Times were hard and my father being disabled following a stroke meant that I was truly lost and under pressure and the stress was taking a toll on me. Then one day during the darkest of days, a staff member at Family Mosaic said they would forward the case to the Neighbour Manager (Margorie). I had little faith and was just glad to being speaking to someone. Within hours I was on the phone to a wonderful lady named Margorie who had called me immediately when she heard about our case. When I first was introduced to Margorie via telephone, she apologised abundantly on behalf of the contractors and Family Mosaic. I was very grateful for this. Then within 24 hours Margorie had arranged for my family to be moved out of our residence into temporary accommodation, which was a hotel. This felt like such a treat following cold water, no heating and no lighting. My parents were over the moon and so grateful to finally be assisted. In addition, Margorie took the burden of chasing up the repairs away from me and made sure that the contractors were on time, productive and delivered accordingly. For once in over 25 years, Margorie made me feel like my family mattered. Like we mattered. We felt like we were human beings and not just another post code.I have never met anyone quite like Margorie. She is one of the kindest, caring and efficient people I have ever met. The contractors suddenly started to really pull themselves together and I had never seen so many things happen and so quickly! Margorie is a godsend and such a beautiful and kind spirit and person. Family Mosaic are so lucky to have her as part of the team. Finally, I know this is an award for excellent customer services, but Margorie makes you feel like part of the 'family'. I actually started walking in the office and people knew me by name; even the contractors started to treat us kindly too. I cannot praise Margorie enough. Some of, if not all the happiest moments of 2015 are thanks to Ms Margerie Mbulo. Thank you Family Mosaic, thank you from all of the Ezekiel family,

Nominated By: Makeida Ezekiel

Nominee: Richard York

He not only attended to the specific job he came to do, he offered to help out with some other smaller jobs that I needed doing. I'm really thankful for the service he provided. A great workman!

Nominated By: Anonymous

Nominee: Elizabeth Cooknell

Elizabeth has been a great support to my mother, helping with numerous form filling, applying for her blue badge, etc. She has gone beyond the call of duty to help my mother. She is such a warm and caring person, her visits always put a smile on my mother's face.

Nominated By: Jackie Pested

Nominee: Richard York

Richard from the Handy Service attended today and was very helpful. Customer is very pleased with this service.

Nominated By: Mr Guangchi Duong

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