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Nominee: Hazera Begum

Hazera started working with a new customer at the beginning of February. The main goal was that she wanted to move out of their mother-in-law's home to a place for herself and her two children, she felt that the flat was overcrowded. About two weeks later Hazera met the customer in the local marker and noticed that she had a black eye. On further investigation Hazera was able to ascertain from the customer that her husband had thrown a shoe rack at her when he lost his temper. Her husband lives outside London but comes to see his mother on a regular basis. The situation is made more complicated by the fact that his mother is also the customer's maternal aunt. Hazera was also able to gather information about the behaviour of her mother-in-law/aunt towards her, she had been subjected to many years of abuse and humiliation, the children were often told that by the mother-in-law that their mother was their stepmother, she often told them that this explained why she was so horrible to them and wouldn't let them do what they wanted to.In the light of the black eye, Hazera was able to ascertain that the emotional abuse from the mother-in-law often took place in front of the children and that the husband had hit her before. Hazera immediately informed me of the situation and she made a referral to Hackney's Safeguarding Team and reported it to Family Mosaic's Safeguarding Officer.Hazera then continued to liase with Social Services, re-assuring the customer that she was doing the right thing and helping her to have the strength to leave for her safety and that of her children.On Monday Hazera spent approximately 4 hours with the customer and her children and enabled her to leave her mother-in-law's flat and move to a women's refuge for people from South East Asia. The customer and her children are now safe. Hazera also had to act as an interpreter throughout this process as the customer only speaks Bengali and this language barrier had been part of the reason that her relatives had been able to excert control over her, telling her that she was a bad mother and social services would take her children away.In addition to the excellent and dedicated practical help that Hazera gave the customer, her cultural understanding and ability to support her emotionally was invaluable and the main reason that she was trusted and the breakthough made.

Nominated By: Helen Watson

Nominee: Parker Bromley

Tenant called to say how happy she was with the repair and service she received from Parker Bromley today. The repair was completed to a high standard.

Nominated By: Mrs Gillian Wagenfield

Nominee: Oliver Lydon

Ollie was very helpful and provided good customer service. Ollie offered to call me back and did. He was very helpful and polite

Nominated By: Miss Zohra Meziani

Nominee: Maddie Horrocks

The tenant had on going issues with the windows that had been installed and would like to thank Maddie for the support she has been given.

Nominated By: Miss P Taylor

Nominee: Paul Goodwill

Thoughout my time with Charlton Triangle I have battled with a series of issues within my property, I have had various surveyors in my home and been told they cannot help me. This has been disheartening as the issues have affected my health and caused me to spend continuous money rectifying problems. When Paul Goodwill took over and came to visit my home he began to deal with the issues at hand. Paul is very committed, honest, sincere, and trustworthy. He is truly dedicated to his job and takes pride in making sure a job is complete. I would like to thank him as I am no longer suffering with severe mould which kept causing me to have asthma attacks and my radiators have been positioned in the correct place which controls condensation. This has been an ongoing battle of 8 years and it is finally over thanks to Paul. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

Nominated By: Trudy Achebe

Nominee: Elliot Woolf & Jonathon Thurston

I would like to thank both team members for making sure my home was safe & secure within a couple of hours calling, thanks for getting the job done...:)

Nominated By: Jacqueline Bones

Nominee: Alison Freelander

Alison has given concise information and advice that has proved invaluable to me over the past months. Alison has impressed me with her selfless approach to life where others seem to matter more than herself.I consider that Alison does not just do a job of work. I believe that she is a pursuing a chosen vocational occupation.

Nominated By: Philip George Roche

Nominee: Ersoy Suleyman

Well-mannered and friendly, completed the requested job as well as other small jobs that we noticed in my house. Nothing was too big of a job.

Nominated By: Luizza Tankoh

Nominee: Ersoy Suleyman

Friendly, helpful, good workmanship and he tidied up afterwards. He arrived on time and even answered questions about the other jobs I had.

Nominated By: Alison Ruffell

Nominee: Basildon Visiting Team

Helen Sabine, Wendy Kennedy, Jade Clark, Julie Scannell, Diane Leonard - I just wanted to nominate my domicilary Basildon visiting team for all of their hard work over the last year. This team has grown as new business has been given to us: 250 hours of new business in 2015. The reputation of the team has grown & social workers will refer direct to us for this team to support their customers. The team do it all: personal care, benefit application, debt management & social activites. I just wanted to recognise them for the role they play, their dedication to their customers and the value they add to the business. This service has used no agency staff in 2014 and have either covered the service themselves or have introduced good relief staff who share the same values. They have the WE CAN attitude in spades.

Nominated By: Gillian Sherman

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