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Nominee: Julia Cosford

Julia was very understanding and helpful in dealing with our drain problem. She has exceptional communication skills and is therefore an asset to Family Mosaic. Julia follows through and ensures that the work has been completed. Very, very helpful.

Nominated By: Nikolas Vanbemmel

Nominee: Samantha Dowell

She is very helpful, very kind, very supportive and very passionate about her job. She has given me lots of information about what I am entitled to.

Nominated By: Gillian Bellamy

Nominee: Jessic Smith

When contacting Family Mosaic about a problem with my son Martin, she was very helpful. After speaking to my son she was able to give me the information I needed and sent out authorisation form straight away.

Nominated By: Elaine Cutts

Nominee: Tracie Randalwood

Tracie is such an amazing woman. Without her support and care, I would not have had the strength to go to court and win my hearing. Nothing was too much trouble, she has such a busy time, helping so many people with different problems yet she found time to help me, always available with constant support and reassurance. I really can't thank her enough.

Nominated By: Alison Darnell

Nominee: Coral Reading

The multimedia team would like to thank Coral for her support whilst half of the team underwent their housing training. Coral had time for every one of us and gave extra support when needed. She ensured we all knew what we were doing and when and made sure everything ran smoothly. She then carried out training on housing emails, post and homeswapper and was happy to help in any way she could to ensure the team were as confident as possible to handle housing queries independently. Coral is the glue that holds our team together and she never goes unappreciated! :)

Nominated By: Multimedia Team

Nominee: Julia Cosford

I was experiencing difficulties with TCL (contractor). Julia took control of the situation and quickly resolved the matter. I was kept informed of what was happening and very pleased with the outcome. Please ensure Julia is acknowledged for being so professional, helpful and customer-friendly.

Nominated By: Jasmine Blanche

Nominee: Ray Kyle & Michael McMahon

They made it a really good experience for me. They were friendly and ready to start work immediately, they were always on time and contacted us when they would be arriving and so fourth, very courteous. Good work carried out overall.

Nominated By: Mrs T.Mboob

Nominee: William Thompson

I found this workman to be very helpful and was also very attentive to all the jobs that needed doing in the property. All repairs were completed. I am very grateful for all the help he has given me.

Nominated By: Anonymous

Nominee: Gus Channer

I am very happy with the work, especially with the extra security he has providing me with the spy-hole so I no longer have to look through the letter box. Thank you very much Gus and Family Mosaic.

Nominated By: Kim Ho

Nominee: Sara Alsheba

- Excellent and hard worker- Attentive and very good - Thoughtful and most helpful- A credit to your team

Nominated By: M Nick Myskiw

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