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The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer nominations.

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Nominee: Customer Care Line Repairs

Mr Hughes called to thanks the CCL for helping with repairs and being so understanding. He specially wanted to thank the people he has spoken with over the last few months.

Nominated By: Mr Danny Hughes

Nominee: Gemma Curley

I would like to pass on a compliment for Gemma Curley in the Customer Care Line who assisted us and dealt with a resident in a very positive and professional manner. She took control of a situation where the resident was becoming abusive over the telephone and towards one of our operatives who was working at the property and ensured that the matter was dealt with quickly and efficiently.Please pass on our thanks!

Nominated By: Alison Wenman

Nominee: Derek Norris

Derek Norris - very nice guy and understanding. Sorry about my writing.

Nominated By: David Constable

Nominee: Corrinne Askaroff

Corrinne has always been there for me when I needed support. She is always cheerful and lets me know if she is a little late or early. She always knows what to do. She is very reliable and puts my mind at rest. Thank you Corrinne

Nominated By: Marie Helstrip

Nominee: Mick Harris & Terry Bright

They were extremely professional and were able to demonstrate their knowledge and job integrity to their best abilities in which they were able to resolve my on-going issues on my property. I cannot thank enough. You should employ more workers like Terry & Mick.

Nominated By: Ms Tole E

Nominee: Susan Bibby

Susan has helped me a lot to challenge wrong decisions that were made about me and has been upfront with me when I have difficulties understanding and tells me the truth to help me make good decisions. She is always available by phone and replies quickly to answer any questions I have and has never given up on me, as others have.

Nominated By: Tilly Claydon

Nominee: Simone Nelson

Over the year year or so I have received the best care and support from Simone. She has listened, encouraged, helped and been the rock I needed. I always know she is there for me at the end of the phone and our keywork sessions have gone from me saying, "but this" and "but that" to, "I can" and "I will". Simone has given me the confidence to be me, without judgement, I feel validated that I do matter and that I am a person. I have received better support from Simone than I have from the NHS Mental Health services. To the NHS you are just another person who needs help but begrudgingly gives it. Simone has always treated me like an individual with a brain, feelings and someone who just needs a little help getting back into life again after a crisis. You can tell that she genuinely puts her heart and soul into making a difference in people's lives, she is honest, approachable, completely trustworthy and has become one of the best friends I've ever known. So please recognise her devotion and extraordinary abilities and give her the respect and recognition she deserves. Without Simone I hand on heart don't think I'd have made so much progress, gained confidence or dare I say be here writing to you today.

Nominated By: Heather Smith

Nominee: 62 Sommerset Road Staff Team

Susan Carter, Ella Shelly, Jack Carter, Gail Bangs, Gaynor Harvey - the staff team at Sommerset Road - are dedicated in supporting the customer in reaching her goals and needs, and they all work together in achieving this. The customer's negative behaviours have decreased due to the consitency of the staff team. The customer is achieving more with the consistency of her team and is attending a more variety of activities .i.e attending college three times a week.

Nominated By: Michelle Sibley

Nominee: Steven Furnell

I observed Steven today during a care call and was impressed with his quiet confidence and professional attitude. He treated the client with dignity and respect, knew the little things the customers liked, e.g. not having a blanket over his feet, kept the customer's family involved with what care was being given, and completed all the paperwork professionally. Steven has also been assisting training other carers in how to use hoisting equiptment and regularly has other carers shadow him to improve their knowledge.

Nominated By: Helen Ladd

Nominee: Aaron Phillips

A customer came into Pitsea reception today to discuss an on-going issue with their gas supply at their property. They had been without gas all week as it was still capped from when the property was void. I was unable to leave the CCL floor as I was the only CCL Team Manager available and asked Aaron if he could assist. He did not hesitate and went to meet the customers in reception despite this not being any part of his job role. They were a young vulnerable couple who has recently moved from a hostel into their first flat together and had an 8 month old daughter. Aaron dealt with the query with empathy, respect and was extremely helpful. Naturally the couple were upset and angry about the situation they were in but Aaron managed to build up a fantastic rapport with the customers and managed to turn the situation round. His customer service skills and ability to problem solve were certainly visible in this situation and I am blown away at his dedication to our customers. Thank you Aaron for going above and beyond by taking on this task which is completely out of your remit. You are a shining star and have set an example for the rest of the team to live up to.

Nominated By: Sarah Tamlyn

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