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Nominee: Minesh

Mrs Williams called to advice AJS electrician Minesh has done a marvellous job, the very fist time she's had an electrician do a thorough job and she's really grateful

Nominated By: Mrs Williams

Nominee: Boris

Boris attended property, has completed everything to a more than satisfactory level. He is an asset to the company, and he is a lovely gentleman.

Nominated By: Danny H

Nominee: Nancy Abiodun-Sarumi

Very friendly and helpful. Nancy waited outside her working hours as we were stuck in traffic, leaving her children waiting, which was so very appreciated. We are so grateful. Very nice lady.

Nominated By: Charlie M

Nominee: David Baker

The best job and work done in a long time. The best service, very professional and efficient. Thank you.

Nominated By: Anonymous

Nominee: Paula Counihan & Clare Howe

Following a care and support customer survey, Paula C stated: "Both Paula and Clare have been so helpful and supportive for me at a time I needed it. They have always been cheerful and in good spirits."

Nominated By: Kerry Moss

Nominee: Paula Counihan

Following a care and support customer survey, Emma LC stated: "It is tailored to my needs and done with care and empathy/understanding. Paula is good at her job, but it isn't just a job to her, she finds solutions, she cares."

Nominated By: Kerry Moss

Nominee: Rachel Aldridge

I am on the CCL repairs line, and have met Rachael a couple of times beforehand and was very surprised to see her turn up at our Brownies and Guides Macmillan cancer coffee night. We held an event to raise money for the charity but also to get the community together as the tenants in the area are mainly elderly individuals. I volunteer once a week at girl guides and she had turned up to help out with our evening. She was there to show her face and get involved with some of our elderly tenants. She was on the frontline with the rest of the leaders serving tea and cake at the coffee night and helped us raise a lot of money for a brilliant charity. What a star! If it was not for her, we would have been struggling to cope with the crowd. I would love for her hard work to be recognised as work hard she definitely did!

Nominated By: Chelsea Hill

Nominee: Lyn Pidgeon

Following a care and support customer survey, Dawn B stated: "I like the way that through the bad days I always feel safe to know my support worker is there for me. I find it hard to communicate and Lyn has really helped me. I manage short calls now, never used answer phone or door. I do find everything they do for me is very professional and with friendly staff."

Nominated By: Kerry Moss

Nominee: Lyn Pidgeon

Following a care and support customer survey, George M stated: "I don't feel alone. its good to be able to talk to Family Mosaic regarding my condition. Without Family Mosaic I would be lost."

Nominated By: Kerry Moss

Nominee: Lyn Pidgeon

Following a care and support customer survey, customer Stacey B stated: "I am really happy with my support worker, I feel she can relate to my circumstances. My support worker gives me the confidence when I see her that I lack in the periods between. Without the support I am receiving I would not be able to cope with my housing situation."

Nominated By: Kerry Moss

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