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In December last year, we announced our intention to merge with Peabody.

Once the merger is complete, the combined organisation will provide 55,000 homes across London and the south-east. We expect the merger to be completed by July 2017 although the Family Mosaic name may remain for a while longer.

Consultation outcomes

We have sought your views on the proposed merger and here is what you’ve told us.

In January we held 10 face-to-face resident meetings across London to discuss our plans and to give you all of the information we had available. Nearly 300 of you came to these
meetings and a range of issues was discussed.

We also invited you to share your views with us by writing to us or using our website. We found from this that 81% of you either support the merger or feel neutral. Only 19% have a negative opinion. This is very encouraging and we have also taken care to respond to those of you with concerns about the changes.

We thank all residents for taking the time to talk to us and for sharing your views with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your tenancy

Will my rent or service charge change?
Your rent or service charge will not change as a result of the merger and the way that your rent and service charge is set will not change either.

Will my existing water charge arrangements change?
They will not change because of the merger.

Will my tenancy or lease change as a result of the merger?
Your tenancy or lease agreement will remain the same. The way that your rent is set will also not change. All your rights and responsibilities will remain the same.

Will my tenancy transfer with me, or will it change?
Your tenancy or lease agreement will remain the same.

Who will my landlord be?
Your landlord will be Peabody, eventually, although it will still be Family Mosaic when we first merge. It will become Peabody during the first year.

Will I have a new rent card issued?
Not initially. If it changes in the future, we will tell you in advance.


What is the impact on my shared ownership lease?
The merger will not change your shared ownership lease.

What will happen to the sinking fund we have accrued for works to our properties?
Sinking funds will remain dedicated to your block/estate in accordance with your lease.

Will the management fees be reviewed?
There are no plans to review fees.

Consultation process

Why should we be known as Peabody?

Peabody is an organisation that has been around for over 150 years and is a name recognised by most Londoners.

Has my feedback made a difference to the merger?

Yes. Every question and comment we received from residents about the merger has been recorded and reviewed. We want to be satisfied that resident concerns have been addressed. We have already and will continue to engage with residents throughout the process.

Are there any other reasons why this merger should happen?

Although this does not affect you directly, the new organisation will hopefully have more influence in government (campaigning for more social housing) and be able to tell the government about the challenges our residents face.

How can residents continue to provide feedback on the new organisation?

Residents are encouraged to help shape the priorities and services of the new organisation. You can get involved by signing up to our Family Mosaic and Peabody Service Improvement Group. Throughout the year we will email you questionnaires about our plans so that you can give us feedback. Click here to sign up.

Resident Involvement

What is Peabody’s history regarding tenant involvement? What will happen regarding tenant involvement as part of the merger?
Peabody has a long history of involving residents. Like us they also have residents on the Board, Resident Associations and a Resident Scrutiny Committee.

How can we become more local as part of the merger? What opportunities will there be for residents?
We want to become more local. As so many of our homes are in similar areas we will be able to deliver local services more effectively.

Are there residents on the Board?
There are two residents, one from Family Mosaic and one from Peabody.

Available services

Will the services currently available to me change?
No, they will not change. We will continue to provide all of our current services to residents.

Will there be more services and opportunities available?
Yes. One of the reasons that we want to merge with Peabody is because together we will be able to improve our services, to add new services and to build more homes than we would be able to do as separate organisations.

As a combined organisation, we will have enough homes across London to make it possible to tailor our services based on the needs of local residents. We will be able to provide more local community services, including help to get more people into work through training, apprenticeships and volunteering.

Will the Care and Support services remain?
Yes the new organisation will remain committed to our Care and Support services.

How will the merger affect the cyclical programme? Will the programme start again, or will it continue in the same order?
The merger will not affect the cyclical programme.

Will services to residents with disabilities improve?
We hope services to all residents, including those with disabilities, will improve. The merger gives us a chance to invest in better systems so that staff are more aware of any issues you want us to be aware of when providing services to you.

As a resident who is happy and satisfied with the services I receive, how will I benefit from the merger?
The new organisation will be stronger and able to continue charging low rents and improving services even in difficult economic circumstances.

Peabody currently have parking for residents who live on their estates. Will this be rolled out to Family Mosaic tenants who currently cannot park outside their properties?
Unfortunately the ability to provide parking facilities in London is beyond our control.

Will the repairs number stay the same?
Yes this number will remain the same, and residents will be able to report their repairs in the normal way.

Combined size

Will the large size of the combined organisation mean that it will struggle to respond efficiently to requests for repairs or improvements, or to reports of 
anti-social behaviour?
The increased size of the combined organisation will mean that we will have even greater resources available at our disposal, including more dedicated and local customer care staff and contractor services.

We believe that the merger will help us to be more responsive, supportive and to provide improved services to our residents.


What will happen to the Transfer List?
Family Mosaic and Peabody both operate a very limited transfer list and we both prioritise mostly similar groups.

Both Peabody and Family Mosaic currently promote mutual exchanges and other ways for residents to find a more suitable home and we will continue to offer advice, information and support to help residents in this way.

Will there be better opportunities to transfer?
Transfers will stay the same, although from our experience moves within Family Mosaic have been easier to organise and so being part of a larger Housing Association could mean more opportunities.

How will the merger affect my Social HomeBuy application?
It will not be affected by the merger.

Right to Buy

Will Family Mosaic’s Right to Buy policy change?
Both Family Mosaic and Peabody have committed to introducing a Right to Buy scheme but this depends on government guidance on issues like how it is funded, who exactly is eligible and whether certain types of property (for example housing for people with support needs) are excluded. The government has not yet published this guidance but we will be informing residents about any changes as soon as we have more information.

Please note that some tenants of both Family Mosaic and Peabody already have access to Right to Buy because they inherited their home from a council. This will not change.

Will Housing Association tenants be eligible for Right to Buy as part of the merger?
The Right to Buy has not yet been introduced for Housing Association residents by the government. Family Mosaic welcomes the opportunity this give to residents and will offer it if the government reimburses us for any discount given to the tenant. Peabody does not want to sell homes in the Victorian estates it owns but will consider it on its other homes when the government is clear on the regulations and funding.

Next steps

What will happen next?
We are working towards completing the merger by July 2017.
How can I find out more?
You can find updates about the merger here on our website. If you’d like to find out more about Peabody, you can visit their website.

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing