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We pledge to support the health, wealth and wellbeing of our residents. This means being an active part of local communities, listening to different views and involving people at all levels.

We know that for those who can be independent, social housing can act as a stepping stone to other housing options. That’s why new tenants are offered a 5 year tenancy with us in the first instance which is then reviewed at the end of that period.

For those with longer-term housing needs, we provide safe and secure homes with a range of additional support services to enable them to live as independently as possible.

Over the last three years, as a result of welfare reform, we’ve gone to great lengths to make our job-seeking customers aware of changes to benefits. For example, we have partnered with Experian to help people improve and maximise their credit rating.

We speak to 200 customers a month to get some indication of how we’re doing, and we’re confident that further changes we’re making to our systems and repairs contractors will help to improve their experience with us.

It might be a family with young teenage children (which is why we run an award-winning Youth Academy, organising activities like football training, dance classes and fashion shows).

It may be a single parent who wants to get back into work (which is why we provide an award-winning careers advice and training service, helping people to move on and become more independent).

It could be an older person who has recently had a fall (which is why we run award-winning Home Improvement Agencies that adapts older people’s homes so they don’t have to go into a care home, or can leave hospital quicker).

It might be a person with learning difficulties (which is why we provide specialist, personalised care to thousands of people in Essex, London and the South East, whether in their homes or in our top-rated care and supported housing schemes).

It could be a young couple looking for a home to buy (which is why we offer a range of different home ownership products, including shared ownership, social homebuy and outright purchase).

It might be a teacher who’s just returned home from a hard day in the classroom (which is why we’re constantly improving our basic landlord services, whether it’s fixing a repair, upgrading a kitchen or servicing a boiler).

What our customers say about us

We encourage everyone at Family Mosaic to exceed expectations, so that our customers receive the best possible service. The WOW! Awards are the UK’s only national awards that recognise excellent customer service based purely on customer nominations.

Read the latest nominations our customers have made:

  • Ella Rayment

    Ella was very helpful with any questions I had. Good communication and helpful on the day of the party too. Nominated By: Sarah Palmer […]

  • Barbara Karolewicz

    On Thursday I found out my blood results. It was Easter weekend and Barbara called me every day to check how I was. She met with me on the Bank Holiday and gave me extra support and care, with a kind and warm attitude. Nominated By: Isaac B […]

  • William Petts-Dunbar

    William was so great as he helped a very vulnerable person today with great confidence and understanding. As soon as the issues were raised he went above and beyond to make sure the tenant had all the support he needed and left no stone unturned. His dedication is inspiring, and he is a credit to Family Mosaic. Nominated By: Chelsea H […]

  • Rebecca Hobbs

    Rebecca was so kind and helpful today, she could see I was struggling with something, and she instantly helped with the situation. She is so approachable and friendly and she helped me deal with a tenant who was potentially extremely vulnerable and contributed to getting him the help he needed. Nominated By: Chelsea H […]

  • Ashleigh Corlis

    Ashleigh is always helpful, happy to assist me in all queries regarding sales. When I need to refer a query I know that I can contact Ashleigh and she will do her best to help me out, give a full understanding and gain knowledge so may the same query occur in the future I can provide the caller with the correct information. Nominated By: Levi Ceaser […]

  • Charlie West

    She has helped me for 2 years to sort out the court case, a bill and other stuff. Without Charlie West I wouldn't be at my flat and I wouldn't do it by myself. Nominated By: Michael F […]

If someone at Family Mosaic has impressed you, why not nominate them for a WOW! Award?

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing