Family Mosaic is currently procuring for the provision of new insurance services contracts. We are writing to our leaseholders on 21st October 2016 inviting you to participate on this procurement.

Here you can find the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our procurement process.

  • What is Section 20 consultation?

Family Mosaic must consult you before we enter into an agreement for a period longer than 12 months for works, services, or supplies, which may cost you more than £100 a year. This type of agreement is called a Qualifying Long Term Agreement.

  • What is required from me?

You can take part in the procurement process by registering your opinion and providing feedback. We will take them into consideration when reviewing tenders and as part of the contract selection. If we cannot meet any requests you have made to us, we will provide an explanation as to why.

  • What happens if I do not have any comments?

If you do not have any questions or concerns about what is set out in the notice, then no action is required.

  • Can I provide feedback by telephone?

You can contact us by telephone if you have any queries, but any comments in relation to the proposed contracts need to be provided in writing.

  • What if I do not want the service?

We must consider the views put forward by all of our residents but we also have to meet our obligations to repair, maintain and service the building or estate in accordance with your lease.

  • Why do we need a long term agreement in place?

This is generally the most economical way to get work done. It also gives contractors a longer period of work, which helps keep their costs down and keep the same work force. This will also contribute to better quality work as the contractors will become more familiar with our buildings.

  • Why have you sent me various notices?

Each notice represents each of the contracts we are procuring. Where possible we have tried to group the contracts we are procuring to keep paperwork to a minimum.

  • How will you ensure that the contractors deliver quality work?

All contracts have been written to ensure that if a contractor is not providing the best service that is value for money then we can end the contract. This requirement is made clear to all contractors so that they have a particular incentive to ensure all of their work is high quality.

  • Will I be required to make a contribution?

The contracts we are consulting you on are for the maintenance of the buildings.  Future cost of repairs may be due from your service charge so it is important you know about what rates and services we are proposing to sign up to.

  • Are any of the works listed in the proposed agreement due to be carried out?

The works listed under the maintenance agreement will only be carried out if and when they are due.

  • My property is in the defect period, does this notice concern me?

At the end of the defect period, all routine maintenance cost to the communal area of your property will be recovered through your service charge in accordance with your lease. The agreement we are proposing to enter into will cover the maintenance of the communal area of your development as and when the works are required therefore we are inviting you to take part in this consultation.

  • What is the next step?

You will receive a Stage 3 Notice of Award notice which is to notify you of the final procurement stage and who has been appointed for the contract.

You can download a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions here. If you have any further questions, please email us at