Employment for tenants

Do you need help getting your first job? Are you having trouble getting back into work? Want to find out about a work placement? Got an idea for a business start-up?

Call us on 0207 089 1345 for more information or email employment.team@familymosaic.co.uk.

Our award winning employment service has helped over 750 people find jobs and develop their careers.

All you need to do is to register with us  - please complete our online registration form.

What does our employment team offer?

  • Personalised employment advice
  • CV building
  • Interview coaching
  • Free training
  • Work placements
  • Job finders’ resource room
  • Apprenticeships
  • Job brokerage service to secure the jobs that you want

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If you’re a care and support customer

We want to help everyone realise their aspirations. We recognise that some of our care and support customers face multiple barriers towards getting a job.

So, we’ve developed an approach focused on you.

Working with your support worker, we can provide you with training to help you get a job, including building up soft skills to help with confidence and assertiveness.

For more information, please call us on 0300 123 3456 or speak with your support worker.

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Jobs for tenants

We have a commitment to help tenants find work and a certain proportion of job vacancies we earmark specifically for Family Mosaic tenants.

Click here to see what jobs we're currently recruiting for.

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Watch: How we helped two young residents to get a job

Two young residents talk about how Family Mosaic helped them to get a job.

Frequently asked questions

What are soft skills?

Communication skills, a positive attitude and self-confidence are three examples of soft skills. You can’t get certificates for them: but employers put a lot of value in them, and will test them at interview through questions and tests.

What’s accredited learning?

Accredited learning means that there is a formal recognition of your learning, with some form of assessment being carried out to ensure you’ve met nationally defined standards.

Examples of accredited learning include NVQs or City and Guilds.

What sort of accredited training courses are available?

These vary from region to region, but include:

  • food safety in catering
  • health and safety in the workplace
  • emergency first aid
  • retail skills
  • hair and beauty therapy
  • health and social care
  • business administration

For more information, please see the training courses currently available.