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We really want you to enjoy living in your home.

We know, though, that at times you might need to tell us that you’re not happy with something. It might be because of something that we’ve done.

Whatever the issue, we want to resolve the situation so you can make the most of coming home.

What can we look at?

Let us know if you’re not satisfied about the quality or standard of a service we provide or how we’ve behaved. You might, for example, not be happy with the way we’ve handled an anti-social behaviour case. Or you may want to feedback to us about the behaviour of one of our contractors.

Complaints on service received: what happens next?

We know that things go wrong and, wherever possible, we would like the chance to work with you first to put things right. We take all complaints about our services seriously. We’ll do our best to deal with your issue promptly and fairly.

To report a problem, please phone our Customer Care Line first on 0300 123 3456 to discuss the problem.

They will make every effort to resolve the matter for you there and then or refer the matter on for a speedy local resolution.


Resolution process

Once you have reported your service failure, this will be acknowledged either verbally, via email or a letter will be sent to you within three working days stating who will be dealing with your case.

The relevant service team will work with you until resolution has been achieved or at least have explained why they cannot meet your request. Staff will agree with you a timescale for resolution of the matter you have raised.

Independent review of your case

If all of the actions agreed to resolve your issue have been carried out and you remain dissatisfied, please go back to the named person that dealt with your case in the first instance. They will then review the case with their manager to see if there is anything else they can do to help achieve resolution. If there is not, they will let you know and you can then request that your case is reviewed by the Independent Review Case Team (IRCT).

The IRCT are a central team that will review your complaint to ensure that Family Mosaic’s policies and procedures have been followed; that the resolutions that have been offered were proportionate to the service failure that you have reported, and identify any improvements that can be made to the service as a result of your feedback. If the IRCT identify any further actions that could be taken to resolve your case, then they will refer this back to the relevant service team to carry out.

You can request a review to IRCT by completing the online complaints form, or downloading it and returning it to:

Independent Review Case Team (IRCT)
Family Mosaic
Albion House
20 Queen Elizabeth Street
London SE1 2RJ

You can also phone us on 0300 123 3456 or drop the form into your local office.

We will acknowledge receipt of your request within three working days of receipt and aim to write to you with the outcome of our review ideally within ten working days. We’ll let you know if there’s going to be a delay in meeting this target and why.

Review Panel

If you’re not happy with the outcome of our review, you can ask for your case to be further considered by a Review Panel.

Family Mosaic may also decide that a complaint should not be escalated to the Review Panel. The relevant Group Director will make this decision. The IRCT must be notified of any decision.

Family Mosaic will not refer the complaint for Panel Review if:

  • the remedy sought cannot be offered by Family Mosaic (e.g. outside of our remit or Panel expertise)
  • the compensation policy has been exhausted
  • the complaint has been fully upheld and put right at previous stages

A panel hearing may be live or it may be appropriate to deal with it on paper. You have to request this review within 20 working days of receiving our independent review outcome.

You will need to complete the feedback form, either online or by downloading it and returning it to:

Independent Review Case Team
Family Mosaic
Albion House
20 Queen Elizabeth Street
London SE1 2RJ

You can also phone us on 0300 123 3456 or drop the form into your local office.

You need to state clearly what resolution you are still seeking. Receipt will be acknowledged within three working days and a panel review arranged within 20 working days. Your case will be reviewed by two independent external members of an active Board or committee one of whom is a tenant. A Group Director from Family Mosaic will also act as an advisor but the final decision is made by the panel.

After the panel review, you will be sent a decision ideally within ten working days. If your complaint is not resolved at this stage, then we are unable to do anything further.

If you want to appeal the decision from the panel review you have two options:

You can wait eight weeks from the date of the panel review outcome and then refer the matter to:

The Housing Ombudsman Service
81 Aldwych

020 7421 3800

Alternatively, you can refer the case straight away to a ‘designated person’ who will consider whether there are any other ways that your case can be resolved. The ‘designated person’ can refer your case to the Housing Ombudsman before the eight weeks has elapsed.

A ‘designated person’ is either a panel of Family Mosaic residents, any MP or an elected Councillor from your local authority. If you want to use the Family Mosaic Designated Panel, please write to them c/o IRCT at the Albion House address and they will pass the request on.

If you are a recipient of one of our care and support services, you can refer your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman Service, or to our regulators.

What’s not covered

There’s a number of things we don’t cover under the resolution process.

  • chasing a repair request;
  • making a complaint about another neighbour (please contact your local office, or find out more about neighbour disputes);
  • insurance claims (once a claim passes to our insurers, we have to close any related complaint pending the insurer’s decision);
  • situations where you are currently taking legal action against us (contact your local office for more information about what to do in these circumstances);
  • feedback about a service provided by a managing agent in supported housing (you will need to use the relevant managing agent’s complaints procedure);
  • feedback about a service provided by other managing agents over which we have no control;
  • if the incident happened more than six months ago during which you never brought it to our attention, unless you have only just become aware of it;
  • the level or reasonableness of your service charge or rent (if you are a leaseholder or a tenant please refer to the Leasehold Advisory Service).

Help raising your issue

If you’re a resident of one of our support housing schemes, or you need help in raising your issue, we can help you. Please contact a member of staff at the place where you live, or at your local office.You may also be able to get advice from a tenant representative. Contact us online or call us on 0300 123 3456 and ask for information about your local tenant representative.

Complaining about a noisy neighbour

We take anti-social behaviour seriously. Find out more about how you can make a complaint about a noisy neighbour, or any other type of anti-social behaviour.

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing

Improving health, wealth and wellbeing through housing