Care and support services

Find out more about our care and support services and how to access them on our dedicated website:

We provide care and support to over 8,000 people in London, Essex and the Southeast, to help them live more independently.

People like Lisa, who has learning difficulties and wants to live a more independent life. People like Amanda, who wants a few hours of support every week so she can continue living in her home. Every day they put their trust in us.

We treat every person as an individual, creating a support plan just for them, so that they live more independently, with more dignity, more choice and more control. Our personalised approach enables people to choose their own package of care: it’s been particularly appealing for younger people. And our initiative to help care and support customers get into work has been recognised nationally - and resulted in some of them finding work with us.

We are working hard to manage the impact of recent cuts to funding, without it affecting the quality of our service. We bring experience and expertise in aids and home adaptations that enable people remain independent at home.

So if you need support, or if you’re looking for support for someone you care for, or if you’re a commissioner looking for a care and support provider, contact us: we can tailor a service that’s right for you.

What you can expect from us

Our philosophy of care is straightforward: we don’t believe that anything, or anyone, is too complex.

To put it another way,

  • we will provide excellent customer service
  • we will provide well trained, fully vetted staff
  • we will prioritise safeguarding
  • we will be professional
  • we will respect diversity and confidentiality
  • we will be there when we say we will
  • we will give choice and control to our customers by personalising their care

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Frequently asked questions

Who can I talk with about extra support for a friend of mine?

We provide care and support in a variety of areas. Please call one of our local offices to find out more.

How do I refer someone for floating support?

You can self-refer for our visiting support services, or you can be referred by another agency or by a local authority. Depending on where you live, we have a wide range of services. Find a service in your local area.

How do I find sheltered accommodation?

You’ll need to contact your local council first, and ask about how you can apply to be on their housing register. You can always speak with your local support office for more information or advice,

Am I eligible for care in my home?

We have care services in London, Hampshire and Essex. You can either refer yourself, or be referred to us via social services. It will depend on your circumstances. Contact your local office to find out more.

Do I have to pay for your services?

This will depend on your circumstances. We can support you whether you are in receipt of welfare benefits, or not.

I have a relative with learning disabilities: can you support them?

We have various specialist services for people with learning disabilities. Check what’s available at your local office.

Can you adapt my home?

Our Home Improvement Agencies in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent offer a range of different support to help you adapt your home. Find out more.

Can you do odd jobs around my home?

We have Home Improvement Agencies in Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. Find out more.