In July 2017, Family Mosaic and Peabody completed the first stage of our merger by coming together to form a new housing group called Peabody.

Our new organisation’s mission is to help people make the most of their lives. We will do this by providing good quality affordable homes, working with communities and promoting wellbeing.

Since we merged, we have been working to bring our two organisations closer together to find shared – and better – ways of working. Most importantly for you, we’re planning carefully to make sure that our customers continue to receive a good service, especially during the winter months when residents and service users often need us the most.

As we develop our new organisation, we are really keen to hear your views about our service and what you would like from us in the future. So our executive team is going to be holding resident Q&A events this autumn and winter, to give more residents the opportunity to have their say. We will be promoting these locally as they happen, and will feedback on the key topics residents raise at these events through newsletters and our website. We’re using customer feedback to inform our planning so that we take account of all the areas where you think we can improve our service to you. There are lots of different ways to get involved, so if you would like to know more please email the Resident Involvement team at

As part of offering you a better service, there is a lot going on behind the scenes so that we can be more efficient. We are working to bring our IT and telephone systems together, and developing a single approach to delivering services to all of our customers. These include the way we carry out repairs, collect rents and let our homes. We also know that many more customers want to be able to use our services on line, so we will be starting work on making it easier to do this next year.

The ways you can contact us remain the same, so you still call, email or visit us in the same way you currently do.

Peabody residents contact Peabody Direct by emailing or calling 020 7021 4444 or 0800 022 4040 (free from BT landlines)

Family Mosaic residents email our Customer Care Line on or call 0300 123 3456