About us

We provide good quality, affordable homes to rent and buy, as well as care and support services to thousands of people who need extra support. 

We have over 25,000 homes for rent and we serve more than 45,000 people: we’re one of the largest housing providers in London, Essex and the Southeast.

We provide a range of opportunities for our customers such as training, employment and access to learning so they can improve their prospects, find new opportunities and move on.

Shared ownership forms a large part of our business, helping people into home ownership.

We partner local communities to make our neighbourhoods better places to live.

Committed to communities

Wherever we work, we focus on our customers. This means supporting their health, wealth or wellbeing. It also means playing an active part in their communities.

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Our Values

For Family Mosaic, our four values underpin our ‘We Can’ culture:

Dedicated, Courageous, Confident and Smart

So… what does ‘We Can’ mean? It means...

  • being dedicated to our customers;
  • having courage to do the right thing;
  • being confident in ourselves, and each other;
  • being smart about how we actively add value to our business, day after day

To find out more, watch a brief video summarising our values.

Our commitments

In 2012, we launched a manifesto for change through housing called “Health, Wealth and Wellbeing”. This sets out five key commitments for our future direction:

1. We will support 1,000 people to get back into work in five years

2. We will save the NHS £3 million every year

3. We will guarantee low rents for families for five years

4. We will enable 500 existing tenants to buy a new home in three years

5. We will invest £5 million into our care and support services in three years

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